John Wesley Shipp, The Original Flash, Returns In Major Arrowverse Crossover

With Season 7 currently airing on the CW, one of the biggest concerns fans of any series has at this point is simply how much of a story does the show still have to tell? Fortunately, per a recent reveal by executive producer Marc Guggenheim, the plot line of Arrow is anything but stale.

In a move no one predicted, the upcoming “Arrowverse Elseworlds” crossover episodes are slated to bring back John Wesley Shipp. He will be dressed to impress in his original Flash costume from the 90s.

Guggenheim sent DC fans on Twitter into a frenzy at the beginning of the week when he shared a sneak peek of Shipp donning his vintage Flash ensemble.

“After seven years, this just might be the coolest thing we’ve ever done,” the producer penned in his tweet.

Accumulating just shy of 1,500 retweets, just shy of 8,000 likes, and over 200 comments – one of the most noticeable comments is from none other than the original Flash himself.

“Something I SWORE I would never do again and I’m so glad I did,” John responded in the comment section of the tweet.

While most new-age Flash series fans will recognize Shipp from his roles as Barry Allen’s father, Henry Allen and Jay Garrick in the current series, this is not the only role he has commanded. What some of the younger fans may not know is that Shipp is both the original Barry Allen and the original Flash, from the Flash series that aired on CBS. The original Flash series only aired from 1990 to 1991 before it was canceled.

Regardless of which timeline you favor (and timelines are a huge deal in the DC world) old series and new series fans alike are excited to see Shipps come back to Flash realm. The Flash OG, however, isn’t the only detail that has fans going wild.

Grant Guston, who plays Barry Allen in the current Flash series also recently released a behind-the-scenes secret to his 6.5 million Instagram followers. One look at the photo sent fans on another frenzy as Stephen Amell – who plays Oliver Queen and the Arrow in Arrow was wearing Flash’s costume and Guston was wearing the Arrow’s costume.

“Not that this Arrow costume isn’t incredibly comfortable, but I’m pretty jealous that @stephenamell is wearing my Flash suit in a picture with @johnwesleyshippjr wearing his OG Flash suit. WHAT’S GOING ON!?” The actor exclaimed in the caption of the photo.

Stephen Amell shared the same photo with his 2.38 million Twitter followers with a slightly different caption reading, “No big deal. Just working with @JohnWesleyShipp for the first time. Nice of him to dress up for the occasion.”

The epic Arrowverse crossover event is scheduled to begin December 9th with the Flash, followed by Arrow on the 10th, and Supergirl batting cleanup on the 11th.

Unfortunately, Arrowverse fans will just have to wait to see what’s up with the costume swap.

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