‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers For Wednesday: Abbott Flashbacks And A Prison Mob Attacks Lily

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Wednesday, October 24, bring a day of reckoning for the Abbott family. Everything hits the fan, and the truth comes out. Plus, Cane can’t shake his bad feeling that something’s wrong with Lily — turns out he’s right.

Cane (Daniel Goddard) gets stunning news, according to She Knows Soaps. He feels something is wrong with Lily (Christel Khalil) all day long. He can barely stand the drive to Walworth. He and Nate (Brooks Darnell) arrive, and of course, they want to see Lily. However, Lily never comes to the visitation room, and Cane realizes something is desperately wrong.

He demands to see his wife, but the warden comes and informs him that it’s impossible to see Lily right now. The reason? Several prison inmates and Lily are arguing, and the prison is doing everything it can to keep her safe, so they’re keeping her in isolation, but Cane knows better. His wife’s life is in danger, and he is stuck on the outside nearly helpless. Lily isn’t equipped to deal with these situations. Somehow Cane has to figure out how to help Lily before it’s too late.

Meanwhile, Traci (Beth Maitland) has had enough of her siblings. Both Jack (Peter Bergman) and Ashley (Eileen Davidson) have simply gone too far this time. Plus, none of this arguing and upheaval is good for Dina. The Abbott siblings agreed to take care of their mother at home earlier this year, but the fighting is further agitating their ailing mother, and nobody seems to care what’s best for helping Dina, who has Alzheimer’s and certainly isn’t improving at all in the atmosphere they’re providing. Between the paternity scam Ashley pulled and the shredded document from Jack, Traci is beyond furious with them, so she forces them to sit down together and relive some of their shared past.

Recent Inquisitr Y&R spoilers indicate that this week, the Abbott family experiences flashbacks to the 1970s back when Jack, Ashley, and Traci were kids. While Jack and Ashley don’t quite remember it that way, Traci remembers that their bad blood started way back then when they both competed against each other over every single thing.

A flashback to when John brought home a new car reveals that John’s doting on Ashley always made Jack feel second best in their father’s eyes. Of course, Ashley had to work hard for Dina’s affection, and neither one let any of that childhood hurt go.

Then, she makes sure that Jack tells everyone exactly what he did with Dina’s (Marla Adams) document.

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