Sharon Case Teases ‘Shick,’ ‘Shey’ And Praises ‘The Young And The Restless’ Writing

Sharon Case portrays Sharon on The Young and the Restless, and she recently revealed several things about Sharon’s relationships. She also took the time to speak to the nature of the writing on the show these days.

According to a Soap Central report, Case appreciates the way that the writing on Y&R is going lately. The show’s head writer and executive producer, Mal Young, has been the subject of some criticism recently, Inquisitr reported.

Case said, “I really like the way the show is written now, the way our dialogue is and the way some of our relationships are — the ones that Sharon has. They’re very intricate, they’re very real and complex; they’re not soapy and cliché… [It’s like that for] all the other characters, as well, because we’re just doing more complex characters, I think.”

While Case enjoys the new direction that some of the show’s writing has taken, it’s clear that some soap vets do not. Eric Braeden (Victor) has spoken out several times about the show’s choices in writing out characters — or choosing not to include some veterans in storylines anymore. Braeden specifically mentioned Doug Davidson (Paul Williams) multiple times in recent months in his tweets. Many of Y&R‘s long-time viewers chimed in to agree.

Fans also take umbrage with the fact that Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Sharon’s recent wedding didn’t go on as planned. Some viewers especially don’t enjoy seeing her growing chemistry with Genoa City’s new police detective, Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso). A recent Inquisitr report showed that Vilasuso teased a possible relationship for Sharon and Rey. It looks like Case also agrees that something is happening between Sharon and Rey.

That chemistry that fans notice isn’t an accident, according to Case. She said, “It didn’t just accidentally happen! ‘Oh, look, we just tripped over some chemistry. Let’s do something with it.’ No, the writers wrote the storyline well in advance, and we spent time casting for Rey. It was mapped out what was going to take place in the storyline and between the two of them.”

The actress discussed how much work goes into creating a new relationship on screen, and she revealed that she and Vilasuso prepare for their scenes in detail to create the chemistry called for in the storyline. She said that she’s looking forward to more scenes with Vilasuso, which indicates that they may take things to another level before all is said and done with Sharon and Rey — whom fans of the couple have dubbed “Shey.”

Even so, Case admitted that she’s a total fan of Sharon and Nick. Although Sharon dumped Nick at the altar over his one-night stand with Phyllis (Gina Tognoni), Case said that there’s still a chance in the future for the couple that viewers ‘ship as “Shick.”

“I’m a Shick fan, so I was hoping that they would get married… I think that Nikki and Victor are sort of like Nick and Sharon. Nikki and Victor were divorced for a long, long time. But they did eventually remarry, so I sort of thought that Sharon and Nick would follow along on the same path. But they still might! Down the line, they still might,” she said.

One thing that’s not going to happen, though, according to Case, is that Sharon will not go off the deep end. Sure, her life has a lot of stress right now with the failed wedding to Nick and her part in J.T.’s murder, but Sharon will keep herself sane through it all — because her therapy worked.

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