iPhone XR Reviews Are In — Here’s What Reviewers Are Saying

One of the most exciting time in a new product’s life-cycle is when the embargos are lifted, and the professional reviewers get to loose their opinions on the public.

Is this new product going to be worth it? Will your hopes and dreams of this thing which you have already pre-ordered be validated or crushed to bits? These are just some of the questions frequently posed to product reviewers, particularly in the fast moving world of consumer tech.

That time has come for the iPhone XR. Reviewers from around the world are weighing in. Bottom line: it is everything that Apple said it would be, and likely more than you expected.

Mashable’s headline on the matter reads, “iPhone XR: Premium without the cost. For once, the cheaper iPhone is the better choice.”

Like other reviewers, Mashable acknowledges that there is a reason for the $250 price difference between the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS. It is just that the differences are ultimately unimportant for the majority of casual users — and overall, the XR offers the best value per dollar.

The Wall Street Journal headline makes that point even stronger, “iPhone XR Review: You Don’t Have to Spend $1,000 for the Best iPhone.” The Wall Street Journal article goes on to elaborate that “the iPhone XR has a few price-cutting compromises, but great battery life, Face ID and a colorful design make it the best iPhone to buy.”

Gizmodo calls it affordability done right. Nilay Patel at the Verge describes the iPhone XR as better than good enough. Tom’s Guide says that th iPhone XR is the best new iPhone for the money.

Outlets both great and small — Apple-centric and otherwise — are heaping universal praise on the new offering from Apple. That is not to say that there are not a few negatives. The screen is the best LCD that you can buy, but it is not as good as the new phones with OLED displays. You may not notice it in real-world use, but it is there to be noticed if you have a particularly keen or discerning eye.

The bezels are thicker on the XR than on the more expensive phones, but the vibrant colors more than make up for it. The rear camera does not have the zoom lens, and also offers fewer Portrait Mode options. Also, Portrait Mode on the main camera only works on human faces.

The standout feature is the battery life. It is said to last a full hour longer than the iPhone XS Max, and an hour and a half longer than the iPhone XS.

There are still good reasons for enthusiasts to spend the extra money on the more expensive iPhones. But for everyone else — based on consensus — the iPhone XR is the one to watch.

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