Kyle Richards Suggests Lisa Vanderpump Trying To ‘Sway’ Fans Into Thinking She’s Been Bullied By ‘RHOBH’ Cast

Kyle Richards recently commented on Instagram about her longtime friend and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Lisa Vanderpump.

As rumors continue to claim that Vanderpump has been refusing to film the ninth season of the Bravo TV reality series, Richards responded to a fan who suggested Vanderpump had distanced herself from the women because they are constantly ganging up on her.

“NOBODY has ganged up anyone. Any report of that is an outright lie,” Kyle wrote on Instagram. “LVP has been invited to every single event that we each have been invited to. If she chooses not to come then that is her choice.”

Richards went on to suggest Vanderpump has been attempting to sway the public, likely with her many social media comments that have responded to allegations of bullying.

“Anyone trying to ‘sway’ the public to believe anything else is not being honest,” Richards said.

In recent weeks, Vanderpump has been sending love back to those who have slammed her co-stars for being bullies amid production on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She’s also denied a recent report which suggested she was leaking stories about the cast to Radar Online.

“Apparently guilty before being proved guilty. Truth prevails. Always,” Vanderpump told a fan on Twitter on October 20.

Earlier this month, a source spoke to Hollywood Life about the behind-the-scenes drama between Lisa Vanderpump and her co-stars.

“There’s so much drama surrounding this season of [The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills] already. All of the ladies are mad at Lisa over the whole Dorit dog incident, particularly Kyle and Teddi as they feel Lisa is up to her usual tricks and set Dorit up,” the source said.

According to reports, Kemsley adopted a dog from Vanderpump’s rescue center in Los Angeles but chose to give the dog to someone else after it began biting her two young children. From there, the animal was located at an animal shelter and Vanderpump was immediately notified.

Weeks later, after the entire cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunited for a group photo shoot for Season 9, Vanderpump refused to participate with the other women, which only caused more tension between the group.

“The ladies all shot their intros a few weeks ago and Lisa was adamant that she wanted to shoot on a different day when the other ladies weren’t there,” the insider said. “The tension is that bad. However, the other ladies know Lisa carries the show and they’d never want to lose her as a cast member, but Lisa is so isolated right now she’s thinking of all her options moving forward.”

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