iPhone XR Ship Times Slip, Higher Than Expected Demand Could Necessitate Lines

A day ago, there were reports that demand for the iPhone XR was weak because stock had not yet been depleted over preorder weekend. This is an unreasonable metric for any company’s product. But it is the metric used to offer a negative spin on iPhone demand.

However, 9TO5 Mac notes, “iPhone XR shipping times slip beyond October 26th launch day delivery.”

“As we noted over the weekend, the iPhone XR was still widely available for launch day delivery some 24 hours after its release. The only exception to this were several models from T-Mobile. Now, however, Apple’s Online Store quotes 1-2 week delivery times for most iPhone XR models, while others specifically quote a November 5th though November 12th delivery window (via MR).”

This 24-hour standard dates back to a time when new iOS devices, iPhones in particular, would be out of stock and on shipping delay mere minutes, if not seconds after preorders opened. This was never beneficial to Apple. They have worked hard over the past several years to keep this from happening. They have been public about this intention.

Further contributing to those fast stockouts was the fact that they were offering a single phone in limited configurations. iPhone XR comes in many configurations, including a variety of six colors, three storage capacities, and four major carriers.

Apple Insider reports that the yellow variant for T-Mobile at 128GB was sold out in the first hour. Financial analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated that demand for the iPhone XR was outpacing that of iPhone 8 and 8+ from last year. Those models outpaced competitors for the entire year.

Gene Munster of Loup Ventures predicts iPhone XR will be the best-selling phone of 2018, boasting a 38 percent share of all shipping smartphones. As popular as iPhone XS and XS Max have been, this iPhone super-cycle is expected to be fueled by iPhone XR.

In a new survey reported by Apple Insider, “Teen intent to buy iPhone hits record 86 percent, Android wallows at 10 percent.” This is surprising considering the relative affordability and variety of Android phones. Android phones are also much improved in quality and garner many positive reviews. Some aspects such as the all-important camera are said to be even better than those offered on the iPhone.

Clearly, the iPhone is aspirational. Those looking to fulfill that aspirational purchase on launch day will have to find a line this Friday, especially if your aspiration is a yellow iPhone XR on T-Mobile.

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