WWE News: Major Heel Turn Takes Place Between New Champions At End Of Emotional ‘Monday Night Raw’

Monday Night Raw opened up on a very somber and emotional note as Roman Reigns relinquished the WWE Universal Championship after announcing his leukemia was back. The world was so surprised, and as the Inquisitr reported, numerous wrestling personalities reacted to the news and offered their support. Nothing may have have been able to shock the fans more, but then, the main event took place and a heel turn happened which tore The Shield entirely apart.

In the main event of Raw, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose fought for their brother in The Shield by challenging for the Raw Tag Team Titles. After, Braun Strowman came out and chased Drew McIntyre out of the building which left Dolph Ziggler all alone as recapped by the official website of WWE.

As the new champions were handed their newly won titles, Dean Ambrose quickly dropped Seth Rollins with Dirty Deeds out of nowhere. The heel turn officially happened and Ambrose absolutely obliterated his co-champion.

To start off the evening, Roman Reigns walked out in street clothes and made the announcement that no one saw coming. He had to vacate the title he won from Brock Lesnar and let everyone know that he would be out of action for a while but he would be back and better than ever.

At the end of the segment, The Shield stood emotional and united.

By the end of the night, there was a completely different feel to Monday Night Raw and things had taken a drastic turn.

The assault continued in the ring as Ambrose started pounding on Rollins and just destroying him with numerous punches. Eventually, Ambrose took the attack outside and raised up the protective mat over the floor and delivered another devastating Dirty Deeds.

By this time, the crowd had almost entirely turned on Dean Ambrose and began booing him out of the building. It only got louder as he left Rollins laying and escaped through the crowd to bring a wild episode of Monday Night Raw to an end.

Now, some may be wondering just how much of all of this evening was real or scripted, but that’s easy to determine. Roman Reigns vacating the WWE Universal Title and revealing his battle with leukemia is indeed a reality and WWE confirmed it by issuing a statement on his status with the company.

The way that Raw ended is indeed an angle and part of the storyline, but it was absolutely perfect. WWE could not have come up with a better moment to turn Dean Ambrose heel as he will now get an insane amount of heat for turning on Seth Rollins on the night of Reigns’ big reveal.

For a few weeks now, WWE has been teasing the idea of Dean Ambrose separating from The Shield and going his own way. Most of the fans knew that it was coming, but there were not many who thought it would happen on this episode of Monday Night Raw — not after the way it opened. Roman Reigns is out of action for quite some time with the news of his leukemia returning, but his brothers won’t stand together as a mega heel turn happened and The Shield completely crumbled.

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