Top 10 Cities To Visit In 2019, As Suggested By ‘Lonely Planet’

For anyone who is planning to travel next year but cannot decide where to go, the wait is finally over as Lonely Planet has released their pick for the best travel destinations of 2019. The list of the top 10 cities compiled by the well-respected travel website comprises a mixture of popular and lesser-known destinations.

Some of the cities are frequently visited by travelers, but others have received little attention and are largely unexplored. The list also includes some cities that had been destructed because of natural disasters or war in the past but have recovered and now offer a fresh perspective to the visitors while retaining their histories.

According to CNN Travel, Lonely Planet has been successfully publishing their top picks for the past 14 years, and each year editors of the website ask its employees and hundreds of contributing writers from across the globe to recommend lists of 10 best “cities, regions, countries, and value destinations.”

Per Lonely Planet’s editorial director, Tom Hall, the list of cities not only provides advice on where to travel each year, but it also tells travelers which places offer great value for their time and money.

“Above all else, [the website] want[s] to give the best guidance on why now is a great time to go to a particular place.”

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 10 cities that will receive a lot of happy tourists in 2019

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

This year, Copenhagen (or Kobenhavn as it’s called in Danish) has topped the list because of all the wonderful things that the city has to offer to tourists. From Street food to one of the world’s oldest theme parks, Tivoli Gardens, tourists can make the most out of their time in the city.

“Beyond the new and the bold, Copenhagen is one of those cities where you can never run out of things to do,” the editors advised, per CNN.

Moreover, one can also easily go to the Swedish cities of Malmo and Lund from Copenhagen for a day trip as they are only about an hour away by bus.

2. Shenzhen, China

China is already a popular travel destination for people across the globe and most of them want to visit big cities like Beijing, Hong Kong, or Shanghai. They, however, have little or no idea about other stunning cities like Shenzhen. The city has a booming art and design scene, great food, and awesome nightlife.

“[Shenzhen has] hypermodern architecture, innovative environmental practices and a slew of new design openings, all connected to neighbor Hong Kong by high-speed rail,” Hall said.

And with the introduction of the new bullet train at the end of 2018, the travel time between Hong Kong and Shenzhen will be reduced to only 20 minutes.

3. Novi Sad, Serbia

Most people across the globe only know about the Serbian capital of Belgrade, but not many know about the much more hip city of Novi Sad.

According to the CNN report, the city will be 2019’s European Youth Capital, so there will be a lot of things to do there. Moreover, it’s full of history, culture, and friendly vibes, so it’s definitely worth the time and investment.

4. Miami, FL, USA

For those who are planning a trip to the United States, and even those living within the United States and haven’t visited Miami yet, this is your chance to experience this amazing city. With its South Beach scene and a booming “art scene mixed with Cuban and other Caribbean and Latin American cultures,” the city has something to offer to everyone.

5. Kathmandu, Nepal

Going to Kathmandu will not only give tourists an up-close view of the magnificent Mount Everest, but the city is also hosting the South Asian Games in 2019. The Nepalese capital was hit by a devastating earthquake three years ago, but is now ready to accept visitors again, CNN reported.

“Lonely Planet has a warm historic attachment to Kathmandu, and Nepal, so I was really pleased to see us be able to talk about the city’s continued recovery from the 2015 earthquake,” Hall said.

6. Mexico City, Mexico

A visit to the Mexican capital will be worth the time and investment, thanks to the city’s rich architectural design and artistic movements. According to Lonely Planet, the city was named the World Design Capital in 2018. What’s more, experiencing the Mexican hospitality and its mouthwatering, authentic food would be the experience of a lifetime.

7. Dakar, Senegal

Lonely Planet termed Dakar one of the most dynamic cities in Africa. Apart from a glimpse of the country’s rich culture and a myriad of tourist attractions, the city also offers a “dizzying mix of sun-kissed beaches, colorful markets and mbalax-fuelled nightclubs where snappily attired revellers emerge into the early-morning light as the first call to prayer drifts over the tropical landscape.”

8. Seattle, WA, USA

Talk about smart and progressive cities, and Seattle always gets a mention. The city is bustling with creative energy and is definitely worth a visit in 2019.

Per Lonely Planet, “blink and it’s changed: Seattle can be that ephemeral. [And it is a city] that pushes the envelope, embraces new trends and plots a path toward the future.”

9. Zadar, Croatia

As with some other countries, most people only know about the Croatian capital of Zagreb, but Zadar is still unexplored. With a war-ridden past, this resilient city has transformed into a cosmopolitan one while maintaining its historical outlook. In Lonely Planet‘s words, the city is “quirky and unique,” so definitely worth a visit.

10. Meknes, Morocco

Most people who have traveled to Morocco know about Fez and Marrakesh, but Meknes hardly gets the attention it deserves. Oozing with history and culture, the city is “more laid-back with less hassle, yet still has all the winding narrow medina streets and grand buildings that it warrants as an imperial city and one-time home of the Moroccan sultanate,” per Lonely Planet.

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