Rosie O’Donnell Confirms Engagement To 33-Year-Old Elizabeth Rooney: ‘She’s A Pretty Unbelievable Young Woman’

Rosie O’Donnell is ready to walk down the aisle once again.

After much speculation, the 56-year-old confirmed her engagement to girlfriend Elizabeth Rooney. The pair’s relationship first went public last November but for much of it, O’Donnell confirmed to People that it was long distance, something that obviously worked for the pair.

“She lives in Boston now and I live here in New York. It’s been a long-distance thing. It’s been great. I think she’s a wonderful woman.”

The comedienne also shared that there is no rush to tie the knot at this time, saying that the wedding will be a “a long time in the future,” something that the couple thinks will be best. In addition, Rosie couldn’t stop gushing about the bride-to-be, calling her a “wonderful woman,” and also praising her for making her own living as a police officer.

“She’s very much an equal, she’s very much her own person and loves what she does. She’s a pretty unbelievable young woman,” O’Donnell told the publication.

And in true Rosie form, there was one thing that she felt the need to joke about — the couple’s age difference. Rosie is 23 years Rooney’s senior and she knows that some people will not be able to look past it, which could be why she decided to join in on the jokes.

“I keep telling her I’m too old for her. But she doesn’t seem to care,” she said. “She’s like, ‘I was in the Army! I put my life on the line every day you think I don’t know who I want to date?’ I’m like, ‘Alright I guess that’s true.’ She has a lot of good points.”

And Rosie also says that a lot of fans mistake Elizabeth for one of her children. When some fans ask for photos, they usually think that Rooney is O’Donnell’s 20-year-old daughter, Chelsea, and she often has to correct them. Luckily, Rosie and Elizabeth don’t really find it a big deal and they just laugh it off.

Just last week, Rooney hinted that the pair was indeed engaged while Rosie remained tight-lipped. As the Inquisitr reported, Rooney made a change to her Instagram bio, adding the letter “R” to her bio followed by a diamond ring emoji. Since then, it appears as though Elizabeth took the ring off her bio but it definitely did not go unnoticed to those who were speculating.

Now that the cat is officially out of the bag, celebrations may be in order!

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