Britney Spears’ Sister Jamie Lynn Spears Takes Newborn Daughter To First ‘Auntie Britney’ Concert

Jamie Lynn Spears is introducing her new baby girl to her pop icon aunt’s music, People is reporting. Jamie Lynn, best known for her starring role on the Nickelodeon show Zoey 101 and, well, being Britney Spears’ little sister, brought baby Ivey Joan to her Aunt Britney’s concert and posted footage on Instagram of the special night. Jamie Lynn held and danced with baby Ivey (who donned noise-cancelling headphones) to Britney’s hit song “Work B***h.”

Ivey, who was born in April, is now a little sister to Jamie Lynn’s other daughter, Maddie Briann. Jamie Lynn made headlines when she got pregnant with Maddie at 16-years-old while simultaneously being the star of a hit children’s network. Jamie Lynn prioritized her daughter’s well-being and took some time out of the spotlight to raise her, although it didn’t go exactly as planned. Unfortunately, she and Maddie’s father could not make their relationship work. She did, however, marry newborn Ivey’s father, Jamie Watson, in 2014. As of now, it’s been reported that the mother of two is hoping to relaunch a music career.

The dedicated mother has high hopes for her two daughters and their sibling bond, and hopes that their relationship emulates her and Britney’s.

“I’m hoping they have the same kind of relationship where it was like a second mom, almost,” she said of her children. “It’s gonna be a special relationship. Sisters are something special — especially when there’s that age gap there.”

Maddie and Ivey are exactly 10 years apart, just as Jamie Lynn and Britney are. Jamie Lynn claims she can already tell that the girls are going to be close friends like she and Britney are too. She recalled that baby Ivey “was so peaceful the moment her sister held her… I have never felt more complete in my life. It’s pure joy watching my girls fall in love.”

Ivey has even more concerts to look forward to as her aunt Britney just announced her new Vegas residency, “Domination.” According to Variety, Britney’s past Vegas residencies have been so successful that there was huge celebration surrounding the announcement of her new one, with Britney throwing an event at Park MGM with tons of attendees and pyrotechnics. She live-streamed the news via Ellen DeGeneres’ YouTube channel after appearing on the show and hinting to the public that she was going to reveal exciting news.

Britney has spoken in the past of her love for her niece Maddie, and there is no doubt that she’ll be a great aunt to the new addition, too.

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