Lil Tay, Viral Instagram & YouTube Star, Believed To Suffer Real Life Abuse

If you have not yet heard of Lil Tay, it may be because you find little entertainment value in a 9-year-old girl being rude, profane, and obnoxious. Add arrogance and braggadocio to the list, and you have some semblance of the YouTube and Instagram phenomenon known as Lil Tay.

Lil Tay may be one of the more intentionally unsympathetic figures on social media right now. That makes it all the more awkward to discover that there may well be real world abuse behind the public persona. As the Verge reports, “Lil Tay’s Instagram account posts disturbing abuse allegations.”

“A person identifying themselves only as ‘someone who previously worked with Tay’ who claims to ‘have seen everything unfold since the beginning’ began posting photos and documents detailing Tay’s relationship with Christopher John Hope. Through a series of disturbing posts, the account claims that a court ordered that Tay be placed in her father’s residence by 4PM on June 3rd. It alleges that Hope ‘often slept with different women with Tay in same bed’ or ‘was naked around Tay’ quite often. Other allegations claim that Hope did not pay Tay’s mother child support.”

One of the claims made against Tay’s alleged father — Christopher Hope — is that, on several occasions, Tay was locked in a closet while her presumed father went out to cavort with women. The allegations go on to say that Hope left Tay over the period of weekends to party and pursue his romantic interests.

Other parts of the document made public in the Instagram feed speak of neglect. Tay was apparently left without food, and told to bake for herself. She suffered a burn as a result. The post details claims that Tay has been injured, perhaps intentionally. These accusations have been taken to British Columbia’s Ministry of Children and Family Development, and it is said that provincial officials had “serious talks” with Mr. Hope.

As of now, there is no corroboration for any of this. People purporting to have insider knowledge say that Lil Tay is a character invented for the purpose of going viral, as the Daily Beast reports. Someone else writes her scripts. Her videos are intended to shock and to cause an emotional reaction.

The main part of Tay’s schtick is that she is very, very rich — richer than most viewers of her viral videos. Every item in her bathroom costs more than your rent. Everything in her closet is designer. She was tired of being poor, and started moving “bricks.”

Regardless of her repellent public persona, it is important to bear in mind that Lil Tay is a preteen who — in her own way — might be crying out for help.

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