Harvey Weinstein’s Infamous And Disgusting Casting Couch Is Still In His Abandoned Office, ‘Page Six’ Finds

Harvey Weinstein’s infamous casting couch, where he is alleged to have sexually assaulted a number of women, is still in place at the Manhattan office he was forced to hastily abandon as accusations against him mounted, a new report claims.

The movie mogul is facing sexual assault charges for a series of separate incidents over the span of nearly a decade. A new report from the New York Post’s Page Six may have found a key piece of evidence: the casting couch in the Tribeca office where reports claim he frequently pressured women into sex.

The report published pictures of the three-seat sofa, which sat behind a coffee table in Weinstein’s office. A source told the celebrity gossip outlet that it is the “original casting couch” used by Weinstein, the same one where he is alleged to have groped Italian model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez in 2015.

The casting couch was the center of some of the most sordid allegations against Weinstein. As the report noted, a former assistant told investigators that she frequently had to “clean up the semen on the couch” after Weinstein had sex, and also was made to clean used condoms and syringes that Weinstein used to inject an erectile dysfunction drug.

“This [cleaning] on a regular basis, three or so times a week when Harvey Weinstein was in New York,” court papers quoted the assistant as saying.

Sources also told the outlet that the office was falling into disrepair while Weinstein was there, with cheap furniture and stained carpets. The door to Weinstein’s office was also said to be thin, with people working outside in cubicles able to hear everything that went on inside.

While Weinstein left his company and entered rehab as the multiple allegations surfaced, he is fighting the rape charges, and one legal expert said, the case against him could fall apart. CNN legal analyst Mark Geragos said that “disarray” between the New York Police Department and Manhattan District Attorney’s Office could undercut the case against the disgraced movie mogul and make it very difficult to convict him, Newsweek noted.

Both the NYPD and DA’s office deny any tension, with both saying the case against Weinstein is very strong. They remain confident that will be found guilty of the rape charges.

The office still hosting Harvey Weinstein’s notorious casting couch is now for sale and listed for close to $8 million, but Page Six reported that it is unlikely to garner no more than $6 million.

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