‘Fortnite’ Teases New 2018 Halloween Gear

Since its 2017 inception, Fortnite has been an unstoppable force in the gaming world. Developed by Epic Games, the game offers players exhilarating gameplay, particularly through its battle royale mode. Fortnite is free-to-play, but also includes different items and character skins available for purchase. The creators often use real holidays and events to theme the game’s interface, as well as skins and gear available for purchase.

As Halloween quickly approaches, the folks behind the Fortnite twitter account have been teasing new costumes and other special, spooky Halloween-themed goodies. The entire ghoulish event has been dubbed, “Fortnitemares,” and the game’s playing map has already been updated with Halloween decor, according to VGR.

The game begins with 100 players, either playing solo or with teammates, being airdropped from a “battle bus.” Upon landing, players must search for weapons and other items that will help them survive and be the last gamer standing. Players are able to use a pickaxe to demolish existing buildings and other structures on the map to collect basic resources like wood, brick, and metal. Players can then use those resources to build protective structures while battling enemies.

Earlier this month, players began noticing ghosts and cobwebs in some parts of the game’s map, including Pleasant Park, Tilted Towers, and Fatal Fields. On October 19, Fortnite tweeted that its new “Jack Gourdon” outfit was now available in its item shop. The outfit featured a menacing pumpkin mask and a black suit covered with tiny jack-o’-lanterns.

The next day, the account posted a cryptic message along with a photo of an upcoming skin, which included what looks to be Calamity’s hat. Then on October 21, the account posted another teaser, this time of a glowing purple rune wrapped in chains, which some fans of the game believe could be a new pickaxe or possibly back bling.

Many gamers have been questioning whether the developers will be bringing back Halloween-themed gear from previous updates, including the famous Skull Trooper, but that has yet to be confirmed. There isn’t an official release date for the “Fortnitemares” Halloween event, but it will likely happen soon, given that Halloween is less than 10 days away.

Speaking of All Hallows’ Eve, it seems like Fortnite has it covered from all angles. According to reports from ComicBook, Fortnite is the most searched-for costume of 2018. And with so many outfits to choose from, it’s not hard to see why.

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