Derrick Lewis Says He Would Be ‘Baked’ With Joe Rogan, Were It Not For His UFC Title Shot Vs. Daniel Cormier

The man who delivered perhaps the best post-fight interview in UFC history has delivered even more rapid-fire comedy material, according to MMAjunkie.

Derrick Lewis initially attained wider fame after achieving an incredible comeback victory over competitor Alexander Volkov of Russia at UFC 229. Bearing a resemblance to the Dolph Lundgren character of Ivan Drago — so much so that Volkov’s ring nickname is “Drago” — the Russian dominated Lewis throughout the majority of their three-round contest. With 11 seconds to go in the final round, Lewis landed a crushing, desperate haymaker to Volkov, flattening him to the mat, where Lewis continued his assault to a knockout victory.

Following the match, Derrick Lewis was approached by UFC personality Joe Rogan to offer up his views on how the match went. Things went off the rails almost immediately, as Joe Rogan’s first question to Lewis — who goes by the moniker “The Black Beast” — was as to why the fighter had taken his pants, or shorts, off.

“My b**ls was hot.” Lewis replied, tersely. Attempting to contain his laughter, Rogan simply replies, “I understand.”

The UFC interview, as hosted by YouTube, goes on to show Lewis saying that he knocked the Russian out because “Donald Trump called me, and told me I gotta knock this Russian mother****** out, cause they making him look bad on the news.”

All joking aside, it seems that Derrick Lewis is deadly serious about his recently announced title opportunity against UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier, which is to be held at UFC 230 on November 3. As MMAjunkie details, “The Black Beast” is warning Cormier to take him seriously, despite the fact that rumors are circulating saying that the current champion believes that this might be an easy victory for him. Cormier is still battling a nagging hand injury and will be facing a 100 percent ready Derrick Lewis — a man who is currently undertaking official MMA training for the first time in his career, eschewing — at least in part — his former reputation as a pure brawler.

Should Lewis eke out a win over Cormier, taking his UFC title with him, “The Black Beast” hopes to then get an opportunity to take on another beast in the form of former UFC champion — and WWE icon — Brock Lesnar.

The fight preparation in advance of his contest with Cormier does have its downsides for Lewis, however — who made it quite clear that were it not for this upcoming bout, he would be getting “baked” in Los Angeles with Joe Rogan. Rogan, rising to initial fame as host of reality TV gross-out fest Fear Factor and later cementing himself as an icon of the MMA and UFC communities, produces the popular podcast titled The Joe Rogan Experience.

On the podcast, of which many episodes are posted to YouTube, notable public figures from every sphere of culture from science, to arts, to politics, to entertainment are engaged in a highly humorous and often expansive commentary. Guests on the show frequently smoke cannabis alongside Rogan, with Tesla CEO Elon Musk having caused a minor scandal as he participated on The Joe Rogan Experience in September, as Esquire notes.

Derrick Lewis had already concluded his post-fight interview at UFC 229 by saying to Rogan that he might like to “come on your show and smoke some weed with you.”

Rogan, for his part, replied simply.

“Anytime sir, anytime.”

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