Gisele Bundchen Shares Adorable Photo Of Her And Daughter Horseback Riding

Gisele Bundchen recently took to Instagram to share a precious moment when she and her young daughter Vivian Lake went horseback riding in the countryside together. In the image, the pair seem to be sharing a small conversation with each other as they enjoy a trail ride on a couple of lightly-hued equines.

The backdrop for the ride couldn’t be lovelier, either, and the mother and daughter were witness to some extreme fall foliage. Both of them are a vision in the pic as their horses are shown trotting through blazing autumn leaves scattered all over the ground.

Vivian Lake’s horse was smaller than the supermodel’s, in order to match her smaller stature. The two wore casual riding gear, and the youngster paired a patterned pink hoodie with a matching pink riding helmet. Both ladies wore gray riding pants.

The 38-year-old Brazilian model captioned the post on her Instagram account with the following.

“These little special moments create memories that will last a lifetime. Having the best time with my little horse lover. #lessonsbygisele.”

Gisele Bundchen also added the same comment in Portuguese, which is the native language her fans in Brazil speak.

“Esses pequenos momentos especiais criam memórias que nos acompanham a vida inteira. Tendo um ótimo dia com minha pequena que ama cavalos.”

The picturesque image of mother and daughter enjoying each other’s company received 263,849 likes within an hour of its posting, and her fans have already lit the account up with a plethora of comments.

One fan, kmoffitt82, wrote, “This pic is really precious!!,” while another, sydney_nbrt, commented on the mother/daughter’s unique bonding experience writing, “Horses are my passion too. I can’t imagine a better activity for good memories and mother-daughter bonding.”

Gisele Bundchen tied the knot with famed New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in 2009. The four-time Super Bowl MVP took to Instagram last year, per the Daily Mail, to post a similar shot of his two favorite ladies riding horseback.

When Brady shared the sweet shot of the catwalk veteran and Vivian Lake riding their horses, he gushed, “I love these cowgirls!#puravida” in the caption. Judging by the two photos, the mother and daughter team seemingly enjoy quiet bonding events on horseback while taking in beautiful scenic views.

Supermodel Gisele also takes time out of her busy schedule to lavish love on her other child, son Benjamin, with whom she had with Brady in 2009. The boy, who she calls “Benny,” is shown with sister Vivian hugging their dad (facing out) in an Instagram photo she shared with her fans on Father’s Day.

Tom Brady also has a son Jack, whose full name is John Edward Thomas Moynahan, with his ex, Bridget Moynahan. He’s shown in the picture (facing in) hugging his father with his brother and sister. Bundchen previously revealed to Vanity Fair that Jack feels like her own son, reports CBS.

At the end of his offseason in July, Tom Brady took all three of his children and Gisele Bundchen to Costa Rica. According to UPI, One photo Brady posted of Jack riding a horse is captioned “listen here.”

That being said, the “Brady Bunch” apparently loves them some horseback riding, and all five of them enjoyed a leisurely ride through the breathtaking Costa Rica landscape during their summer stay.

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