Ariana Grande Leans On Mom For Support Following Pete Davidson Split

Ariana Grande was spotted rolling low key in the Bronx this weekend, accompanied by her mother and an unidentified male friend. The 25-year-old singer is focused on surrounding herself with friends and family for a little extra moral support in the wake of her recent breakup and canceled engagement to Pete Davidson.

TMZ acquired photos of Ariana in the Riverdale area of the Bronx on Saturday. Grande was keeping things comfortable in a pair of leggings paired with an oversized sweatshirt. From a distance, one might have a hard time believing it is actually the young singer in the photo as she lacks her signature high and tight ponytail. Instead, Ariana had her hair pulled back in more of an unkempt bun.

Between the Manchester bombing, the death of Mac Miller, and the mental hospitalization of Selena Gomez, Grande hasn’t been having the best time from an emotional standpoint. As someone who is very aware of the importance to take care of her own mental health, it makes sense the singer would dial back for a little rest and relaxation with her loved ones.

Just one week after news of her engagement being off, Ariana is reportedly burying herself in her work and attempting to deal with everything one day at a time. According to E News, Ariana’s loved ones have rallied around her and “have urged her to take a break and really relax and take time for herself.”

As those who follow Ariana know, the singer has had a bit of a whirlwind in the romance department as of late. In fact, Grande’s fan base had only recently adjusted to the idea of her being engaged. The lack of immediate support from her fans and followers stemmed from the fact that she and Pete had only been dating for a few weeks before taking to Instagram on June 15 to confirm their engagement, Cosmopolitan reminds us.

While both Pete and Ariana defended their engagement, claiming sometimes you just know when it is right and you’ve found your soul mate, fans of the singer criticized her for rushing the relationship.

Despite calling off the engagement, Ariana and Pete remain in contact and still care about each other. Pete has even opened up about being hopeful for a future with Grande. The duo, however, decided it was not the right time for them to be in a relationship if they wanted the relationship to be successful.

Many of Ariana’s fans have speculated the death of the singer’s ex-boyfriend back in September played a huge role in the decision to cut things off with Davidson. Grande is reportedly continuing to bury herself in her work and new projects as a way to avoid dealing with the grief following Mac’s death.

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