Natalia Azoqa Reacts To Blindside In ‘Survivor: David Vs Goliath’

Warning: Article contains spoilers from last week’s episode of Survivor.

Things seemed hopeless for the Davids in last week’s episode of Survivor when a tribe swap put the Goliaths at an advantage of three to two on three different new tribes. From an alliance and loyalty standpoint, it just made sense for whichever tribe that ventured to tribal council to vote off a David and keep the tribe Goliath strong.

Moreover, whichever tribe lost a member would gain Carl – who was also a David – from Exile Island. So, losing a Goliath and gaining a David was something that made little sense.

Realizing they were in trouble, Elizabeth and Davie scrambled when their tribe lost the immunity challenge. The obvious choice for both Davids was to pledge loyalty to the Goliaths and throw their fellow David under the bus. Seeing a small crack in the foundation of their alliance, both Elizabeth and Davie took turns working Alec into the idea of making a big move and voting out Natalia instead.

Speaking directly to the camera during the episode, Alec struggled with what to do. He admitted this would likely be a last-minute decision he made at tribal council as he knew it could ultimately make or break his game. Replacing a former Goliath with Carl from Exile was a huge risk. He just wasn’t sure if it was the right time to take such a risk.

At tribal council, things seemed to be clear – a David was going home. That was until Alec leaned over and whispered into Elizabeth’s ear. Viewers could see Natalia’s facial expression change and her heart sink as she knew Alec was no longer on board with her plan. Making things worse, she also couldn’t tell if Kara was still on her side either.

After the votes were cast and revealed, Kara and Natalia were brutally blindsided by Alec who decided to side with the Davids instead. When push came to shove, Alec didn’t care for how Natalia conducted herself around the camp as a boss and a bully.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Azoqa admitted she had a feeling something was off when she wasn’t getting the reassurances she needed to feel safe.

“But when Alec talked to Elizabeth I was like, this is not supposed to be happening. There is literally no reason for him to talk to her and I knew I was going to be put up. But when you have Kara thinking that Alec was not doing any harm, it kind of made me annoyed because I’m like, clearly he’s not with us and if I don’t have Kara on board I can’t make a big move to make Kara or Elizabeth flip at that point because they have already talked to Alec for God knows how long,” Natalia said as she recalled the heated tribal council.

Azoqa also told Entertainment Weekly she wished Alec had just been open and honest with what he was doing to do at tribal instead of whispering and sneaking around. She believed viewers watching the show would have preferred to hear what he was whispering to Elizabeth before the vote.

Overall, Natalia was relieved she didn’t appear to go as crazy over the blindside during tribal council as she felt she did when she watched the episode on television.

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