Loretta Lynn Back Home After Being Hospitalized For Unspecified ‘Serious Issues’

Legendary country music singer Loretta Lynn returned home on Saturday after being hospitalized the same day for unspecified “serious issues.” Billboard reported that her relative, Michael Lynn, asked Facebook followers to pray for her.

“I am very sad to report this morning that the Queen of Country Music, Ms. Loretta Lynn has had some setbacks in her recovery and is back in the hospital with some serious issues. She needs our prayers right now, and the one thing I do know for sure is that she is a fighter and will not go down easy. PLEASE pray today for her.”

Both Loretta and her daughter, Peggy, posted updates later in the day in which they explained that she had indeed been very sick, but had returned home where she is now resting and recovering. Peggy Lynn added that the post made earlier in the day was made by someone only pretending to be part of the family, calling the post a “fake news story going around from some guy posing to be a family member or posing to be close to the family.” She explained that her mother had been very ill with a stomach virus, but was now on the mend.

Saturday’s initial post about Lynn being hospitalized caused concern for fans everywhere, as the singer’s health has been in general decline for over a year. In May, 2017, she suffered a stroke and on New Year’s Day of 2018 she broke her hip. In September, People spoke with Lynn, who said that she wasn’t going to let her health issues get in her way.

“I wasn’t goin’ to let it stop me. You just can’t sit down and say ‘Hey, take me.'”

And she didn’t. The 86-year-old released a new album, Wouldn’t It Be Great, in September which included some new songs as well as some new versions of Lynn classics like “Coal Miner’s Daughter.” She had planned to release it in 2017, but her stroke got in the way of that plan. True to her word, her stroke didn’t stop Lynn from following through with the album’s release. It just delayed things. She told people that the stroke did make her worry about her future and how she would spend her life.

“It’s a very scary thing when you find out you’re havin’ a stroke. I wondered if I could sing. Mommy said I was born singin’. That’s all I’ve ever done. I couldn’t believe that that could be taken away.”

Luckily, it wasn’t taken away. Although her hearing and timing were affected, Lynn persisted and continued singing. It’s an attitude that she intends to keep for the rest of her life.

“As long as you dwell on the bad, it’s taking the life away from you that you need to be living.”

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