Samantha Markle Reveals Contents Of Letter She Handed To Royal Guards At Kensington Palace

Royal fans were surprised when Samantha Markle’s publicist claimed that she was headed to Kensington Palace to confront her sister, Meghan. At the time, most people hadn’t even realized Samantha had hired a new publicist, let alone had planned a trip to the U.K. After all, the one family member that previously threatened such a trip was Meghan’s dad, Thomas.

When Samantha arrived at the palace, she did not have an invitation. She was not allowed inside to meet with her sister. Instead, Samantha handed a guard a letter, an act that was captured by paparazzi. And now, the Daily Mail has revealed the contents of the letter. Much of the information is not new, but the sister also tried to use a softer approach than before and appealed to the duchess’ “kind heart.” Meanwhile, most of the letter talks about their dad, and it’s more or less hashing everything the half-sister has already said in previous interviews.

Predictably, most of the letter was centered around trying to get Meghan to reach out to their dad. Samantha reinforced that his heart attack was not fake, which was a theory that was suggested by some media outlets. Thomas later blasted the rumors, saying that he had to undergo surgery following a heart attack.

The following is an excerpt from the letter.

“I know Meghan and I know she has a kind heart. Her rift with our father makes no sense at all. The Palace spin doctors have put out that Meghan feels she can’t trust Dad because of all the stories that have been written about him but Meghan should know better.”

However, it’s hard to know for certain everything that went into Meghan’s decision to freeze out her dad. It all started when he sold staged photos to paparazzi before the royal wedding. This quickly escalated to a series of unauthorized and highly personal interviews, during which the dad begged his daughter for another chance.

Meanwhile, reports suggested that Meghan was unaffected by her dad and Samantha’s claims that his health was deteriorating and that he may die soon. This was based on her belief that her mom, Doria Ragland, would keep the duchess appraised of any serious updates. Samantha further elaborated in the letter with the following statements.

“I don’t believe that his health can bear this isolation on a continual basis. He has been loving and self-sacrificing to you over your whole life, even raising you on his own for a significantly large part of it.”

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