Londoners Wait In Line For 18 Hours Just To Get A Taste Of Asian Fried Chicken Restaurant

Jolibee, also known as the “Asian KFC,” opened its first branch to much fanfare in the U.K. this morning. The location that Jollibee opened is located on 180 Earls Ct Rd in Kensington, London. Even more, a hungry crowd of more than a 1,000 people lined around the block for as long as 18 hours to try out some of the unique and tasty plates on the menu, The Sun reports.

Some of the diners that were ecstatic about the opening of Jollibee even camped out overnight in order to try some of the Asian KFC before anyone else. Other fans eating at the London-based Jollibee reportedly compared the joy they felt to the birth of their children.

Additionally, there’re some reasons for Londoners to be excited that Jollibee opened there.

For one, famous chef Anthony Bourdain reportedly loved Jollibee. Per HotDinners, during filming at one of their restaurants, the TV personality said that the restaurant’s hot dog spaghetti is “deranged, but strangely alluring” and that their gravy is “awesome.”

The signature dish at Jollibee is the “Chickenjoy.” The Chickenjoy consists of hot and spicy fried chicken with a side of spaghetti. The pasta sauce in their signature dish is a one-of-a-kind delicious mixture, too, according to HotDinners. It is reportedly made up of liver spread, banana ketchup, and — if rumors are to be believed — condensed milk.

Another reason Londoners can be glad they now have a Jollibee restaurant is that U.S. food blog Food Beast voted their Chickenjoy dish the third-best fried chicken in America in 2017. Food Beast said it awarded the chain third place because their delicious fried chicken was the “BOMB.” The number two spot went to Chick-fil-A, and the number one spot was snagged by Popeyes.

The Chickenjoy is on the menu at the London location for £4.99. Another unique item that isn’t offered in Asia, but is available in the U.K. is the Chickenjoy Bucket, which is served up with “either six or eight pieces of fried chicken, a Double Yumburger as well as fries, sweetcorn and ice-cream.”

One enthusiastic fan of the restaurant is 38-year-old Michael Sibson, a cleaner and balloon artist who hails from Guildford in Surrey. He was the first one to step through Jollibee’s entryway when it opened at 8 a.m. today.

I’m here because I miss Jollibee. It’s been almost nine years since I last visited. My daughter is seven years old and when I told her it was going to open here, it was her dream that I’d be the first person in the queue, and I wanted to make her dreams come true.”

Jollibee restaurants are usually cheery and bright, and, besides its fried chicken, the hugely popular Philippines-based chain is also renowned for its burgers, Filipino dishes, desserts, and varieties of bubble teas and other specialty drinks.

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