Is Hector Elizondo Leaving ‘Last Man Standing’?

As those who follow the sitcom know, Last Man Standing was revived for a seventh season and returned to TV last month after being picked up by Fox.

Longtime fans of the series have already endured a few different casting changes, including the recast of the middle Baxter daughter, Mandy. Molly Ephraim, who originally played the role of Mandy, moved on to other projects when the series was dropped by ABC. When the series got picked up and revived by Fox, Ephraim had other commitments and scheduling conflicts. So, Molly McCook was cast to take on the role of Mandy.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, many fans of the series are having a hard time adjusting to the new Mandy.

Warning: The remainder of the article contains spoilers.

Last week’s episode of Last Man Standing sent fans of the series into panic mode. Outdoorman – the store owned by Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) and Ed Alzata (Hector Elizondo) was dancing around the idea of laying off some of their employees. Moreover, Mike and Ed were also disputing over whether to sell the store to someone else. In addition to fans, the episode also sent Mike and Ed’s employees into a frenzy as well.

Ed – who is a very rich man – realized his desire to sell the store stemmed from the wrong reasons. He was done working and selling the store was an easy out for him. After coming to this realization, he made the decision to retire instead.

Following the recast of Mandy and the death of Mike’s dad, Bud, the announcement of Ed’s retirement sent fans into a full-fledged panic. Were the writers going to write Hector out of the show as well?

Known for being exceptionally vocal about their opinions on social media, it didn’t take long before LMS fans took to social media to beg the show not to cut Elizondo from the cast.

“Great episode, again! However… YOU better not be writing off Ed,” one individual exclaimed on Twitter.

A second fan admitted she was trying really hard to like the series, but the constant changes were presenting a challenge.

Ed’s retirement just seemed to be the cherry on top of the overwhelming disappointment from fans of the series.

Other fans exclaimed that losing Ed as a character in the show just wasn’t an option. There were even some fans that proposed the idea of a “Please Stay Ed Alzate” petition.

According to Country Living, fans of Last Man Standing have nothing to worry about as Fox has confirmed Hector will not be written out of the series.

While Ed is no longer going to be Mike’s business partner – opening the door for him to explore new ideas and concepts with the store that Ed was not interested in exploring – Hector’s character will still have a place in the show.

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