Rob Gronkowski’s Girlfriend Camille Kostek Shakes Her Booty On Instagram

American Swimsuit Illustrated model Camille Kostek took to popular social media platform Instagram earlier today in order to share a little bit of sunshine with all of her fans and followers.

In the Instagram image, Kostek is pictured driving her vehicle, the sun tinging the majority of the frame a golden yellow that paired beautifully with the model’s naturally blonde locks. Through the driver’s side windows, some storefront facades can be seen, indicating that she’s in a town or city as she takes her selfie.

Sporting a very natural, low makeup look, Kostek adopts an expression of cool poise, lips parted to reveal her pearly whites. A seatbelt spans her chest, and Kostek can be seen wearing a tight white top in a ribbed finish — a top that fans and followers might see more of if they were to follow the linked account in her caption.

Although Kostek’s image has only been live on the photo-sharing service for a few hours, it has already accrued over 6,000 likes and a number of a comments, most of which are complimentary in nature. No stranger to the public eye, Kostek seems to revel in the positive attention that she receives — posting to Instagram at least once almost every day.

“Esh with the fresh blondie touchup [snowflake emoji] @eshbeverlyhills,” the former New England Patriots cheerleader captioned her snapshot. The linked account belongs to Alen M — Femme Coiffure, a business that specializes in high fashion styling for ladies hair. Their Instagram account reveals a more sultry side of Kostek, as their most recent video shows her giving the cameraman a bit of a show.

In the video, Kostek is captured from behind, walking away from a cameraman who quickly follows. She is wearing some tight denim jeans that leave little to the imagination as she struts her stuff through a well-manicured urban landscape. Reaching both hands up to tousle her hair playfully, Kostek finally reaches her destination — a bit of wall and a potted plant next to a pedestrian gate — and whirls about like a runway model. There, giving the camera a devilishly coy smile, Kostek dances a bit for her audience, knowingly teasing viewers who follow her on her social media accounts and those directly linked.

For some time now, Camille Kostek has been in a relationship with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. The power couple has been known to engage in playful banter, both between themselves and with their wider fandom. Most recently, as BroBible reports, Kostek made headlines for publicly defending her beau against denigrating accusations coming from Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

After Ramsey had said that her boyfriend was “overrated” to an interviewer with ESPN, Kostek simply replied, “Rob’s sexier than you [Ramsey] and he’s a better football player than you.”

Filled with attitude and energy, Kostek is a personality not to be trifled with.

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