BitMovio Sets Out To Grow Horror Film Genre With Sponsorship

For those unfamiliar with the name, BitMovio is an up-and-coming blockchain-enabled video entertainment marketplace. Their mission is stated as distributing video entertainment into the industry in an effort to build up a video community which connects “forward thinking” content creators with “passionate” consumers via engaging stories. BitMovio believes that in doing this, exciting new ways for content creators to monetize their content and engage viewers will open up. Audiences will become involved in the creative process, cites Rapid TV News.

Recently, the company is looking to further broaden their programming bouquet by becoming a sponsor to the FANtastic Horror Film Festival. This announcement was made Thursday, reports Horror News. FANtastic Horror Film Festival claims to showcase only top-ranking independent horror films. JoAnn Thomas, a founder for the film festival, spoke out about the BitMovio sponsorship to reporters, seeming highly positive toward the partnership.

“Our festival is committed to the success of independent filmmakers. The success of our festival has been tied to that. We are overjoyed that BitMovio shares our commitment. This industry is ready for disruption. We’re impressed by BitMovio’s approach to managing, distributing and monetizing video content through blockchain technology, and we’re looking forward to how consumers will respond as the platform launches in the coming months.”

BitMovio has also announced various other plans, such as bringing over 200 hours of film and television content in the genres of comedy and horror with other partnerships as well. Co-founder of Bitovio, Simon Zhu, gave his own statement, elaborating on the company’s interest in supporting a “wide range of content creators” across not only film and television, but for podcasts and web series as well. Their fanbase, he says, will be “devoted ” to millennial and Gen Z.

Since the horror genre is notably flexible, spanning across both low budget and big-budget productions, both with considerable fan bases, Zhu recognizes that this will help the continued growth of horror content and its accessibility through the BitMovio online marketplace.

Some of the notable inclusions by BitMovio are movies such as George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, Ed Wood’s Plan 9 From Outerspace, Bride of the Monster, and Nosferatu.

Small Basket Studios, Frank Horror, and Magic Square Films will partner with BitMovio as well, bringing a slate of popular horror and comedy short films to fans. 1200 Production and their very own partners will be bringing a series of horror and non-horror programs which include Horror Talk With Kristin West, 24 Hour Film Fanatics, Color Me Gorgeous, and StarPower Astrology, among numerous others.

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