Kate Hudson Posts Picture Of Unreal Physique Weeks After Giving Birth, Fans Don’t Realize It’s A Throwback

Is it possible that Kate Hudson already has a flat stomach and near-washboard abs just a little more than two weeks after giving birth?

Apparently, it is not.

On Friday, the actress took to Instagram to post a workout picture of herself wearing in a sports bra that showed off her totally flat stomach. Fans commented on how incredible Kate looked just a little over two weeks after giving birth to her newest addition to the family.

“Honestly! How do you already look like that!?!! Jealous,” one person wrote.

But the more astute commenters noticed that Kate’s hashtag for the picture identified it as a flashback to promote her fitness brand, Fabletics. The actress did say that she hoped to get back to her intense workouts soon, adding the hashtag “CantWaitToGetBackInTheRing.”

Kate had given birth to daughter Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa on October 2. The little one’s name is pronounced Ronnie, and CNN noted that the name honors her paternal grandfather, Ron Fujikawa.

“Ron was the most special man who we all miss dearly,” Hudson wrote in announcing the new addition to the family. “To name her after him is an honor.”

While she may not have her trademark washboard abs back yet — or maybe she does but just hasn’t shown anyone yet — Kate Hudson will likely be back to working out as soon as she is able. The actress is well-known for her strict fitness regimen and even founded her own fitness line as an extension of her workout passion.

In an interview with Vogue in March, Hudson explained that she has always been athletic and even considered playing soccer in college, though she came to a crossroads where she had to either pick soccer or show business.

Hudson may have given up on competitive soccer, but said she still finds time to play with her family.

“It was a really difficult decision for me because I love competitive sport. I miss it to this day. But playing with my kids it’s actually fun – it’s the one thing where I am the best! My son Ryder’s getting there with me now, he can just about get around me, but he still hasn’t hit that level yet where he can beat me.”

No word on when Kate Hudson’s post-baby body will makes its real debut, but it’s likely she’ll give fans a glimpse on her Instagram page as soon as she’s ready to share.

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