Shauna Sexton Poses With A Margarita & Jokes About People Wondering If She’s An Alcoholic

Shauna Sexton made jokes on her latest Instagram post, which showed her sitting next to a giant margarita. The model posed in a black tank top with her hair down, as she smiled widely. One user told her, “Chug that sh*t.” To that, Shauna responded with the following comment.

“Shauna side b**b Sexton playboy playmate rebound fling degenerate (22) chugs 1 legal margarita and is happy about it.. is she an alcoholic? Better yet a serial killer? Stay tuned.. tonight on Fox news.”

Sexton, who recently broke up with Ben Affleck, is likely referencing all of the drama that surrounded her drinking habits. Unfortunately, Ben was undergoing treatment for alcohol addiction while the two were together. That means Shauna’s party-loving ways were under scrutiny, and people wondered if she was going to be a bad influence on Affleck.

It didn’t help that Shauna posted a photo on Instagram cradling a glass of wine just days after Ben was admitted to rehab. But she blasted all of the critics, saying that it’s ridiculous to blame her for a grown man’s repeated trips to rehab.

And while the relationship seems to be decidedly over, there were conflicting accounts soon after the news was reported by the media. For example, Shauna initially told the Daily Mail that she was still together with Ben.

“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. I know [there are lots of unnamed insiders] – and they just make s*** up, just like this.”

Meanwhile, her mom even insisted that the two were still together, although she had some harsh words about the actor. This is what she said, according to the Inquisitr.

“He’s my age! Would you be ok with your daughter dating a man with 3 kids, 3rd time in rehab, and unstable as F?”

For now, it looks like Shauna’s focusing on spending time with her close friends. She’s also posting tons of Instagram stories with her dog. The stories also show Sexton getting ready to go to a party with her friend, Dana, as the two dressed up with devil horns. Later at the party, Shauna shared videos where she posed with friends and drank beer.

If there’s a good thing that’s come out of her breakup with Affleck, it’s likely that she’s now no longer being criticized for drinking and going to parties.

Meanwhile, it looks like Ben is focusing on his sobriety and family, as he’s been spotted out and about with his kids.

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