Viral Hoax Claims Pete Davidson Taunted Mac Miller With ‘Intimate’ Pictures Of Ariana Grande Before His Death

A viral hoax is claiming that Pete Davidson sent “intimate” pictures of Ariana Grande to her ex, Mac Miller, just before the rapper died of an overdose — fooling some fans into slamming the Saturday Night Live actor online.

The story was part of a swirl of rumors that came after Davidson and Grande announced their breakup. The split led to a number of stories speculating as to why they called off their hasty engagement, including a number of false stories. As Hollywood Life noted, one of those fake stories gained a foothold on social media.

The story was posted by an account called “Hollywood Tea,” and claimed that the celebrity news outlet TMZ had reported that Pete Davidson had taunted Mac Miller by sending racy pictures of his ex-girlfriend.

“According to TMZ, Pete Davidson sent intimate photos with Ariana to Mac Miller as a way to end the rapper’s hopes about her. Ariana discovered this this [sic] weekend from Mac’s relatives and ended the relationship.”

Though the post was not true — and TMZ had not reported any such story — the tweet still drew a sharp reaction from fans, many of whom commented on the link calling Davidson “cruel” and a “f***ing a**hole.” The fake news tweet then gained more life as others retweeted it, some adding angry commentary about the Saturday Night Live actor.

While the story claiming that Pete Davidson had taunted Mac Miller before the rapper’s death may have been false, some more legitimate rumors claim that the sudden passing of Ariana Grande’s ex-boyfriend did have an effect on their relationship. Miller was in the spotlight after the breakup, which came just before Davidson and Grande had started dating. The couple would get engaged after just a few weeks together.

As Us Weekly reported, Miller’s passing had a strong effect on Grande, even though the two were already broken up. It also put strain on the still-new relationship between her and Davidson.

“He’s sad. He’s really sad about this split, and he only wishes the best for Ariana, but their relationship was really complicated with the passing of Mac Miller,” the insider told the celebrity news outlet. “It put a tremendous amount of strain on their relationship.”

The split has been hard on both Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, the source added. The Saturday Night Live actor has put on a brave face in public — but is hurting inside over the breakup, a friend told Us Weekly.

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