Filming Dates And Details For Holiday Special & Christmas Day Parade At Walt Disney World, Disneyland

Every single year, the Disney Parks tape their Christmas Day Parade and holiday specials early, in preparation of airing them later in the season. Fans hope to catch a glimpse of celebrities or to enjoy their favorite Disney characters dancing to Christmas songs, and it’s so much fun. The dates and details for the 2018 parade and accompanying specials have now been released, so fan will know when to head to Walt Disney World or Disneyland to capture some Christmas magic.

The dates for this year’s tapings will once again land in November — and there will be filming on both coasts. As reported by WDW Magic, the dates are always subject to change, but as of this time, filming is set to take place November 7-11, 2018, at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort.

Guests are not shut out of the parks as filming is going on during regular business hours, but there are also no tickets given out or sold for the tapings. Those in the audience are usually Disney cast members and their families, but guests can sometimes find a spot to watch the fun.

The filming dates used to be during the first weekend of December, but Disney has changed that up over the last few years. They’ve also changed how they are filming things — and no longer do the parade on both coasts, which is a new trend that started in 2017.

This year, there will once again be no filming of the parade at Walt Disney World in Florida. All of the parade as it will be aired is to be taped at Disneyland Resort in California, being hosted by a yet-to-be-named celebrity. There will also be a few musical performances and special guests as well.

On the east coast, Walt Disney World Resort will be the location for the majority of the musical acts and stage show performances. There will be celebrity hosts in Orlando as well, but they have not yet been named either.

As a matter of fact, none of the celebrities or musical acts performing for the holiday specials have been revealed at this time. Disney usually waits until a little bit closer to filming dates to release this tightly guarded information — as they don’t want to spoil too much for fans of the magical season.

Air dates on ABC have not yet been scheduled, but the holiday special typically airs in late November, while the parade runs on Christmas Day.

Guests can expect filming to take place in multiple theme parks at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, but the exact schedule won’t be known for a couple of weeks as yet.

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