Gigi Hadid Shockingly Claims She Is Being ‘Legally Pursued’ By A Paparazzo Over Instagram Post

Gigi Hadid’s Instagram usually reflects the ups of the model’s life. Runway shows, campaigns for major brands, candid shots, and paparazzi photos are all key components of Gigi’s feed. It isn’t uncommon for Gigi to share a paparazzi photo to show off her outfit or an event she was attending. However, it seems that one paparazzi photographer is taking a simple repost to court.

According to Gigi’s statement, she found an image of herself on Twitter (with no photographer’s name attached) and decided to share the photo to her Instagram. In the now deleted post, Gigi “posed/smiled” for the camera while various paparazzi photographers snapped photos. It looks the photographer who took the shot Gigi reposted is now pursuing legal action against the model for not giving him/her credit.

The supermodel took to Instagram today to share two photos of texts with her followers to break down the whole situation from her perspective. In the post, she explains the fear and negativity she has felt from paparazzi and that if the photographer had simply “commented” on the photo that she would have tagged him.

“These people make money off is every day, LEGALLY stalking us,” the star wrote. She also condemned the paparazzi community for taking action against fan accounts who often post paparazzi images. Gigi expressed that the photographer had already been paid by “whatever outlet put it online” to show how she didn’t mean any ill intent by reposting.

Gigi pleaded for paparazzi to give more privacy and respect to celebrities citing the “mental/emotional” toll that she often experiences as a result of the constant surveillance.

Model Emily Ratajkowski shared her support for Gigi by reposting the text images on her own Instagram. In the caption, she thanked Gigi for speaking out and said that she “couldn’t have said it better.”

Sister and fellow supermodel Bella Hadid has not posted on Instagram regarding Gigi’s situation as of yet. Her Twitter is also absent from any statement as well. However, the sisters are known to support each other (they have expressed their love for one another on social media before) so perhaps Bella is cheering her sister on in private.

Gigi Hadid has not made any other statements at this time. While the model is active on Twitter, she has yet to comment on the matter on that specific platform. Since any legal action may be taken in private, this may be the only public statement the model puts out on the matter.

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