Aaron Rodgers Gushes Over Girlfriend Danica Patrick In Candid Interview: We ‘Love Each Other’

Aaron Rodgers clearly has a great deal of love for his girlfriend, Danica Patrick.

As many fans know, the pair first met back in 2012 and exchanged email addresses with each other at that time. They kept in touch sporadically, but it wasn’t until recently that they exchanged phone numbers and began dating earlier this year. Previously, Rodgers was in a relationship with actress Olivia Munn — and Patrick was in one with NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr., but they both called it quits with those respective partners in 2017.

Normally, the NFL star remains tight-lipped about his relationships — focusing on his career on the field instead — but he recently sat down with Artful Living, to whom he gushed over Patrick and their beautiful relationship. Rodgers told the publication that what makes his relationship with Patrick different is the fact that he doesn’t feel like he needs to be reserved all of the time. To him, the relationship feels natural.

“We’re just two people who enjoy being around each other and love each other. We’re really into each other.”

He also said that the pair often make appearances on one another’s social media pages, but they only post photos that aren’t overly staged.

“There are going to be posts with each other because we enjoy each other’s company a lot,” Rodgers shared. “We’re really attracted to one another.”

Being famous, there are a lot of people who see Rodgers’ Instagram posts and comment on them. The quarterback says that neither the positive nor the negative responses on his and Danica’s relationship — and related photos — bother him. He says that he doesn’t sit on Instagram and scroll through the comments because he’s just trying to live life and not worry about the outside noise.

Rodgers also shared that he and Danica really enjoy traveling in their spare time, and they have done so domestically. But the 34-year-old shared that he hopes that the pair can eventually travel together to historical sites around the world, because he’s really into history. And luckily for him, Danica is spontaneous as well.

“She’s up for anything travel-wise, which is fun. She’s a good travel partner because she’s so laid-back and low-maintenance. And she’s a hell of a cook, so we love just staying in, too. She eats really healthy. She’s inspired me in that way.”

In the interview, Rodgers also gushed over how proud he is of Patrick for breaking so many barriers as a woman. Not only was she the first woman to host the ESPY’s, but she is also one of the relatively few women to participate as a professional NASCAR driver. Danica Patrick has certainly made a name for herself in the sports industry.

“I’m really proud of her for that,” Rodgers said.

It remains to be seen if the pair take the next step and get engaged. For now, it seems like their relationship is going very well.

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