Meghan And Harry Should Name Their Baby Diana, Says Her Former Butler Paul Burrell

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should “be brave” and name their baby Diana — should it be a girl — Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell urges.

As the Daily Mail reports, Burrell tweeted on Wednesday to congratulate the happy couple on the news of their coming child. The royal couple had announced their pregnancy on Monday. In his Twitter message, Burrell also suggested a perfect name for the couple’s baby: that of her would-be grandmother, and his former employer — the late Princess Diana.

“Dear Meghan and Harry, Many Congratulations to you both on your wonderful news. Australia has taken you to their hearts and have seen at first hand the inspirational people you are. If your baby is a girl, be brave and call her Diana which would make your Mother so proud.”

It should come as no surprise that Burrell would recommend that name. During the ’90s, Burrell served Diana — and her mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth — and his love and affection for the late Princess is obvious.

Unfortunately, things aren’t so cut-and-dry for Harry and Meghan.

There’s one major snag with Burrell’s suggestion. For Harry and Meghan to name their baby Diana would be an exceptionally bold move, and the British royal family is not a particularly flexible institution when it comes to bold moves, particularly when the topic concerns something of such a controversial nature.

Back when Meghan’s sister-in-law, Kate Middleton — the Duchess of Cambridge — was pregnant with her second child, the British public and press suggested the name Diana for her upcoming bundle of joy.

William and Kate did name their daughter Diana, in a way. Her full name would be Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, Princess of Cambridge. The proud parents honored Diana — and Elizabeth — in naming their daughter, but did not offer Diana to be her first given name.

Harry and Meghan, for their parts, will have just a bit more leeway in naming their child. Considering that she’s pretty far down the list in line to the throne, the name he or she will be given won’t carry as much weight as that given to his or her cousin — Prince George — who will one day be King of England.

So why would naming the baby Diana be such a bold, or as Burrell calls it, “brave,” move? Because Princess Diana was enduring a rocky relationship with the royal family when she died. She was divorced from Harry’s father, Prince Charles, when she died. Of course, Queen Elizabeth’s contemporary feelings about Diana are well-known, with the two sharing a complicated relationship, as per Good Housekeeping.

So will Harry and Meghan go for broke and name the baby Diana, should the child be a girl? The British public seems to think so — as of two days ago, the odds of the couple naming the baby Diana offered the shortest returns among all other names on the ledger, at 6:1, according to The Week.

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