Iggy Azalea Shows Off Her Well-Toned Tummy In Revealing Instagram Photo

Iggy Azalea works very hard to stay in such good shape, and she’s showing fans the fruits of her labor.

The rapper took to Instagram on Thursday to show off her well-toned tummy, wearing a white tank top that showed off plenty of skin. The picture was a hit with fans, garnering thousands of likes and supportive comments. Since bursting onto the international scene in 2014, the Australian rapper has since expanded her talents to become something of a model, displaying her amazing body in some very revealing ad campaigns.

The rapper’s famously tight physique is no accident. A source told Hollywood Life that the rapper recently underwent a total overhaul of her diet, cutting out all fast food and pizza along with eliminating sugar and simple carbs. The source said that Iggy had initially only planned to go on the diet for a month, but ended up making the changes permanent. The changes have helped her to feel better and to get into much better shape, the source added.

The shift into modeling has generated some push-back from the rapper’s fans, Yahoo reported. Back in June, she responded to a fan who suggested that “Iggy [Azalea] needs [to] leave the mic and model more,” saying that the backhanded compliment was objectifying to women.

She has also pushed back against complaints that her focus on modeling has taken away from her music career. Iggy told fans that the delay in releasing her latest project was out of her hands, and that she tries to stay positive about it.

“Most days I want my project to drop, yesterday… but I don’t get to make those choices,” Iggy wrote on Twitter. “Maybe it’s silly, but it really has been helping me lately to feel more positive and just keep my mind in a creative space constantly thinking of new visual things and color palates. I’m really glad I’ve got something I can do without needing permission.”

But Iggy Azalea may have to put more focus into racy Instagram pictures and modeling shoots and less emphasis on rapping, Forbes suggested. The report noted that her music career has hit some major roadblocks, including a recent single that flopped and the cancellation of her 21-city U.S. tour. Iggy took to social media to tell fans that the tour’s cancellation was out of her hands, but experts see it as a sign that her music career may have hit a wall, the report claimed.

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