Subway Robbery Suspect Returns To Pick Up Sandwich He Ordered

One Georgia burglar allegedly got hungry after a hard’s work robbing a local Subway, so he took a sandwich for the road.

Police arrested 34-year-old Zachary Miller after he walked into a Subway sandwich shop, ordered a sub, then climbed over the counter and demanded cash out of the register, local channel WISC reported. Miller started to flee the scene when he remembered that he didn’t have his sandwich, so he headed back inside to get it.

Gwinnett County Detectives said that Miller robbed a Norcross Subway at about 10:15 in the morning, local time, on October 9. According to the security video footage, Miller ordered a sandwich and then calmly climbed over the counter and opened the register to steal about $100.

Miller then headed out the door with his bounty, but just a few seconds later, he came back in the door and grabbed the sandwich he ordered. He hopped in his black 2003 Acura 3TS and hit the road, presumably for an on-the-go meal.

Police arrested Miller on Tuesday in Knox County, Tennessee. He has multiple active warrants out for him in Tennessee and multiple warrants in several jurisdictions in Georgia, in addition to the charges for the restaurant robbery.

“The suspect entered the Subway located at 3230 Medlock Bridge Road, unincorporated Norcross, and ordered a sandwich like a normal customer. At checkout, the suspect climbed over the counter, demanded cash, and attempted the open the cash register drawer. He obtained about $100 in cash and ran to the door, but then immediately returned and collected the sandwich. He then fled the scene on foot with sandwich in hand,” the police said.

No word on what toppings he chose for his sub.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time an alleged burglar has come back into a Subway in Georgia after successfully robbing it. Earlier this month, reports suggested that a different burglar hit a Subway in Georgia and returned to the scene before taking off. This time, the robber tried to pay for his sandwich with a fake $20 bill. When the cashier challenged the burglar on the money, he climbed over the counter and pointed a gun at the cashier.

He then took money out of the register and climbed back over the counter, leaving the scene on foot. A few seconds later, the robber returned to grab his fake currency before heading out the door once again. Unlike Zachary Miller, that alleged Subway burglar has yet to be caught by police.

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