‘One Piece’ Chapter 921 Spoilers: Jack Fights Shutenmaru, Kaido’s Devil Fruit Revealed!

One Piece Chapter 921 is yet to be officially released, but spoilers are already surfacing on the web. The upcoming chapter will be featuring several exciting scenes — including the preparation of the Straw Hat Pirates alliance to take down Emperor Kaido, the epic fight between Jack and Shutenmaru, and the big revelation about Kaido’s devil fruit power.

In the spoilers posted on reddit, One Piece Chapter 921 will start with the Straw Hat Pirates alliance making preparations for their attack on Kaido’s territory during the night of the Fire Festival. The Fire Festival is celebrated every year by the people of Wano in honor of Kaido, who is considered to be a great king who protects the country. During the event, Shogun Orochi holds a parade going to Onigashima to pay homage. They also have a banquet where only the top officials and the Beast Pirates are invited.

In their hideout, Kinemon was shown drawing a fire, a two-winged island, and a converse crescent moon on a piece of paper. Those three images ostensibly represent the Fire Festival, the Chinese Zodiac Bird, and their rebellion. Meanwhile, the members of the Straw Hat Pirates are assigning different roles during their preparation. Franky drew the diagram of Kaido’s estate. Robin is disguised as Geisha to get information from Orochi, forming a strategy.

Kinemon is planning to use Brook’s devil fruit power to monitor the city’s food supplies. With her amazing weather techniques, Kinemon urged Nami to imitate a female ninja. Meanwhile, Sanji used his cooking skills to gather people in hopes of finding the men that they are looking for. Carrot and Chopper left the hideout to talk to Inuarashi.

After giving all of the Straw Hat Pirates Japanese clothes, Kinemon revealed his plan to go on a mission to find three strong allies — including Ashura Doji. One Piece Chapter 921 featured the appearance of Shutenmaru, the boss of the mountain bandits who stole the food that Luffy brought to Okobore town. Jack visited their location with the hope of finding Luffy there.

When he met Shutenmaru, Jack asked him to serve Emperor Kaido — if he wants to live peacefully in Wano. Shutenmaru refused and answered by cutting Jack with his katana. Jack and Shutenmaru looked evenly matched when the fight started. However, as the battle continued, Jack proved to be more powerful.

One Piece Chapter 921 also revealed Kaido’s devil fruit power. While Jack and Shutenmaru were fighting, the sky turned gray. Law told Luffy to look to the sky, where they witnessed a dragon ordering Jack to bring “those kids” to him. Law said that the dragon in the sky is Kaido — who transformed using his devil fruit power.

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