9-Year-Old Reportedly Gives Birth To Daughter In Mexico

After reportedly becoming pregnant at age eight, a nine-year-old girl in Mexico has given birth to a baby daughter. The baby was apparently born last Sunday.

According to multiple news accounts out of the UK that reported on the nine-year-old having a baby, the 17-year-old presumed father of the newborn has gone missing, and authorities are hunting for him.

The nine-year-old mother’s name is Dafne, according to The Mirror of London, and “she is being helped to look after the 5lb 15 oz tot by her mother after being released from hospital at the weekend.” The birth occurred in the Zoquipan Hospital in the Mexican state of Jalisco.

The Independent of London reports that local Mexican authorities are not taking this situation lightly, especially since the father apparently bailed after he learned of the eight-year-old girl’s pregnancy:

“The state prosecutor, Jorge Villasenor, told Mexican newspaper Milenio: .’We want to find the young man who was responsible to know his version, because she is not able to understand the significance of their actions. This is a case of rape or child sexual abuse.’ ”

“Although mother and baby have both been discharged, the hospital has said it will closely monitor the situation, due to the mother’s age.”

The Mirror of London provides an additional report on the nine-year-old having a baby: “A spokesman for Zoquipan Hospital, where the baby was born on January 27, said both mother and child were in good health. But medics have also launched an investigation into the circumstances of her pregnancy.”

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