‘Big Brother 20’ Fan Favorite Tyler Crispen Annoys Loyal Following After Online Snub

It seemed like Big Brother contestant Tyler Crispen could do no wrong in the eyes of fans. The runner-up played a hard game, got involved in a popular showmance, and even was voted America’s Favorite Houseguest at the end of the season. However, it seems that the tides may be changing for Tyler following his post-show behavior.

Tyler recently took to Twitter to decline an offer to be on a popular Big Brother podcast. In his tweet, Tyler says he would’ve “loved” to have been on the podcast but that the show wasn’t “nice” to him during his season (hosts on the podcast often critique players for multiple reasons and it looks like Tyler was no exception). This is shocking to many fans and alumni of the show who admit that the “Rob Has a Podcast” show is one of the most loyal and well-rounded podcasts regarding Big Brother.

Many are pointing out how this move seems immature, including past winner Andy Herren who tweeted about the whole situation. In his tweet, Andy called out Tyler for not being realistic about the podcast world.

“If I refused to go on any podcasts that talked negatively about me during my season of Big Brother, I would have gone on zero podcasts! I hope Tyler changes his mind about ‘RHAP.’ They’re one of the hardest-working podcasts out there, and they do it all for the fans!”

Other fans are taking to the popular Big Brother Reddit to discuss Tyler’s image post-show. Many critiqued his relationship with fans on a thread, saying he isn’t showing appreciation to those who supported him during his time on the show. User nb75685 received the top comment in the thread with a single sentence, “I mean I don’t care if he isn’t brown nosing the fans, but I’m 100% over the Tangela photo shoots.” Tangela is the couple name for Tyler and Angela Rummans (who competed on BB 20 with Tyler). While many fans were excited to see content about the couple following the show’s finale, it may be that they’re feeling a bit burnt out on the pair now. Reddit user smokyblokey also received a lot of support for a critique of Tyler’s social media by saying, “His stuff on insta is just boring and superficial. I had to unfollow, I don’t want to see ads and posed photos of him and Angela over and over.”

Despite online haters, it seems that Tyler still has some fans who are still obsessed with the curly-haired lifeguard. The runner-up now has over 384,000 Instagram followers and while his comment section may showcase some negativity, a lot of fans are still showing their support for Tyler during the post-season.

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