‘Big Brother 20’ Star Angela ‘Rockstar’ Lantry Claps Back At Body Shaming Trolls With Fierce Bikini Shots

Big Brother is a controversial show by nature. With live cameras on the cast 24/7 for a whole summer, something is bound to grab the attention of haters. Unfortunately, for Angela “Rockstar” Lantry, some online trolls decided to poke fun at her body even though she had given birth to her third child just months before entering the BB house.

At one point, trolls were tweeting things about Rockstar’s body that were anything but nice. One notorious fan tweeted that they wanted to vote to evict “Rockstar’s cellulite.” Sindy from BB Canada clapped back at that hater with her own tweet that put body shamers to bed.

Rockstar, who wasn’t able to defend herself during her time on Big Brother has finally broken her silence and has proven all the body shamers to be hateful trolls with a new Instagram post. In the post, Rockstar shared two bikini photos of her postpartum body which is admittedly killer. However, Rockstar wanted to make it very clear that her self-worth and happiness is not dependent on the number on the scale. She said she was “happy” at any size and that true beauty is on the inside.

“Your ugliness is on the inside, and THAT takes a hell of a lot more work than makeup hair and working out to fix.”

Big Brother fans are reflecting on their own actions this season after Rockstar’s callout post. In a Reddit thread, one user (@StrongAndStable) commented, “As much as people here would like to pretend otherwise, this sub was amongst the places ‘bodyshaming’ her.” Other users agreed.

“Happens anytime someone doesn’t like a woman. They go right for the weight,” user ThoughtsYouIgnore wrote. “Sam was being called fat and ugly as well by some. I’m not saying guys don’t get called ugly, but the minute a woman is disliked the trend is to go after her weight.”

Even fitness model Angela Rummans received some hate for her physical appearance this season, according to the Reddit page. Unfortunately, women in Big Brother seem to be scrutinized for the physical appearance a lot more than their male counterparts.

Rockstar, who took time away from her family to be on the show, now seems to be readjusting quite well back into her home life. She shares photos of her children quite frequently. On her season, she constantly gave shout-outs to her three children during evictions and high-stakes competitions. Mom and body shamers are going to have to learn to back off when it comes to online hate. Rockstar has made it very clear that she has no tolerance for any of it.

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