Prince Harry Scolds Member Of The Public For Putting The Moves On His Wife In Hilarious Exchange

Prince Harry is apparently protective of his pregnant wife — sometimes a little too protective.

In a hilarious scene during the royal couple’s tour of Australia, Prince Harry took the chance to chide a member of the public who gave Meghan Markle a giant bouquet of flowers during a trip to the zoo. As the Express noted, video showed Harry getting a good look at the flowers before seeking out the man who gave them to her.

“You can’t give flowers that big to my wife,” Prince Harry joked, pointing his finger at the man. “What is that all about?”

The line appeared to draw a laugh from the crowd, and came during a visit filled with goodwill. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have attracted large crowds during their visit to Oceania, which has been anticipated for months.

As the report noted, that wasn’t the only funny moment for the sixth in line to the throne. Prince Harry also cracked a joke when the zoo’s director said that they do extensive work with pre-school groups — pointing to a group of teenage volunteers with a quizzical look on his face. It would appear that Prince Harry was in very high spirits at the time, perhaps riding the crest of excitement over news that he would soon be a father.

Prince Harry has been known for his sense of humor, getting a reputation for being something of a jokester. Earlier this year, footballer Peter Crouch told a story about a moment that the two shared just before a match — and a very direct question from the prince.

Though Crouch had never met Harry before, the prince decided to pump the Stoke City star about his love life.

“How did you bag Abbey?” Prince Harry asked, referring to Crouch’s 32-year-old model wife.

Crouch laughed as he recounted the exchange, and the humor that Prince Harry found in it.

“He was dissing me,” Crouch said with a laugh, per the Express. “He laughed his head off and then walked off, and I was like, ‘That just happened.'”

Prince Harry’s protectiveness of Meghan Markle could have something to do with the couple’s announcement earlier that day that they are expecting their first child. After being married in May, there had been much speculation as to when they might start their family. The pregnancy announcement from the royal family means they will likely be welcoming their first child sometime in the spring of next year.

There had been some speculation that they would not make the trip to Oceania if Meghan were pregnant, but the couple consulted with doctors prior to the journey — in order to ensure that the travel would be safe for her and the growing baby.

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