‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Fans Are Frustrated By Repetitive Story Line

It’s no secret that the Bold and the Beautiful fans are unhappy. Their complaints are numerous: repetitive storylines, recasting of core characters, and introducing new characters that are not relatable to their target audience. And with ratings falling rather alarmingly, one has to ask what Bradley Bell needs to do to win back fans of the world’s favorite soap opera?

Stop Repeating Story Lines

From Bridge, Brill, Steam, Statt, Lope, Batie, and Wyope, B&B fans have seen the whole gamut, multiple times. There is no more story left in these stories, we have seen it all. It’s done. The audience also knows that every summer interns are hired and everyone hangs out at the Bikini Bar in their skimpy outfits. And just because weddings usually result in high ratings, it does not mean that everyone should be getting married every second month. Stalwart fans who joined the Bold and the Beautiful boards at Soap Central have this to say because they desperately want their show back.

“This show has been very one note and boring lately. The bad writing has been going on for a while but it’s actually flat out boring now… The declining ratings should be proof enough that the current formula is not working.”

“I do feel very detached from the show right now.”

Stop The Triangles & Introduce Some Real Drama

Bold and the Beautiful has taken its love triangle formula and has repeated the same storyline to the extent that bookies could make a living on who Brooke and Liam fall into bed with on any given day. Characters lose their credibility when viewers stop identifying with them – naiveté will only take you so far before we stop caring.

“Create actual story lines and add some drama not just triangles.”

Gone are the days of the original Sally Spectra, played by the legendary Darlene Conley, where her storyline was so powerful that she became the first soap opera character to have her likeness immortalized in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, according to Soap Opera Digest.

“I want to see more business related story lines and actual fashion shows.”

The original Sally certainly was not sashaying in sexy lingerie at all hours of the day. What made her an instantly recognizable figure was the way her character was written. Espionage, fashion shows, and business decisions that had you wondering if families would ever be able to enjoy a Thanksgiving again.

“At least Bell remembered that B&B is about fashion so we’re getting a little of that with the Intimates line. That’s what got me hooked from day 1.”

Bold and the Beautiful Crazies & Crossovers With Young and the Restless

B&B and the Y&R frequently used to cross over, and it created diversity without having to write in new characters. CBS viewers were already familiar with Lauren Fenmore (Tracey E. Bregman), and when they added Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) to the mix, they were able to write new histories and created drama in both soaps.

Sheila remains a huge asset to the soap because of how she was originally portrayed. B&B fans know you don’t get crazier than Sheila Carter and her twisted evil ways, and the audience loves it. But even when Sheila was not around, the writers used Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) and her violent streak.

Currently, the writers are sitting on the goldmines of Quinn (Rena Sofer) and Pam (Alley Mills). Yes, Pam’s tumors were removed but nothing is preventing them from growing back again and returning her to the dark side. Others are waiting with bated breath for the real Quinn to appear, and not only when she’s provoked.

The B&B writers need to step up or they may lose one of daytime’s most loyal audiences. Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.


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