‘The Young And The Restless’ Star Michael Mealor Reveals Surprising Behind-The-Scenes Detail!

Yesterday on The Young and the Restless, pure sudsy drama played out in scenes between Eileen Davidson (Ashley) and Peter Bergman (Jack). Michael Mealor took to Instagram to give a surprising detail about the shocking moments and how things might’ve gone differently if he’d had his way.

According to the Y&R recap from Inquisitr for Monday’s show, Jack raged when Ashley revealed the lengths she went to to make him believe he was no longer John Abbott’s son. The fact that Ashley had no remorse and felt entirely justified in her actions also fed Jack’s fury. In the end, Jack picked up Ashley’s office chair and hurled it through the glass window in the CEO office, which left Ashley screaming in fear and mass chaos for everybody else in the vicinity.

Mealor shared the weekly Y&R spoilers preview to his Instagram account, and he added a fun caption that gave fans some behind-the-scenes details about the dramatic glass smashing moment. He wrote:

“I volunteered as tribute to be the one thrown through the glass but everyone else thought the chair was a better choice…..”

Indeed. If the show had thrown a person through the glass, it could’ve been a pretty dangerous moment. Even the chair probably carried risks. However, if somebody, aside from Ashley, could’ve made people in Genoa City mad enough, Kyle could do it. He’s certainly made a name for himself as a manipulator especially with how he helped push Billy (Jason Thompson) further into his gambling addiction.

Recently, Jack’s warned his son, Kyle, to stop always having an agenda, but so far, it looks like Kyle’s not listening. According to Inquistr‘s Y&R spoilers, later this week, Kyle gets involved in a something huge with his grandmother, Dina (Marla Adams). Together, they both uncover a hidden safe in the walls of Jabot, and what Kyle finds inside is described as a “nuclear bomb” just waiting to destroy somebody or something.

Yesterday, Mealor tweeted, “This week’s episodes are a powerhouse! They are some of my favorites by far! Thank you for tuning in!”

It looks like Kyle’s storyline is set to heat up with whatever details he and Dina uncover in the safe behind the paneling at Jabot. This unexpected discovery leads the show right into November sweeps month, which is when everything tends to get quite crazy and dramatic before the city settles down for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. It sounds like things are about to get even wilder than Jack’s temper yesterday.

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