Britney Spears Flaunts Abs In Instagram Video & Thanks Selena Gomez For Getting Through A Long Workout Day

Britney Spears shared her strenuous workout routine with her fans in a recent Instagram story and left everyone awestruck by flashing some abs.

In the video, the international pop icon is seen wearing a bright-pink cropped training top with chequered gym shorts. She showed off a variety of exercises in the video, including dumbbell lunges, crunches, and rope jumping.

The 36-year-old singer didn’t forget to workout in style as she is seen wearing a pendant and a bracelet, as well as a full face of makeup to be as camera-ready as possible.

In the video’s background, Selena Gomez’s song “Bad Liar” can be heard. In her caption, Britney wrote that she had had a long workout day, and she thanked Selena Gomez to help her get through it because Selena’s songs apparently made the workout more fun for Britney.

Within a few minutes of her post, the video got more than 729,079 views, almost 100,000 likes and more than 3,200 comments.

Fans admired the mother-of-two star for putting the efforts to stay in shape. One follower wrote on the post, “her body is gorgeous,” while another fan commented, “flawless abs.” Many of her followers also wrote that they love both Britney and Selena Gomez, and they appreciated Britney for listening to the songs of another “legendary singer.”

This isn’t the first time that Spears has posted her workout on Instagram, as she posted several videos earlier this year too. In one of her videos, she is seen working out with her trainer and rumored boyfriend, Sam Asghari. She captioned the video with the words, “Stronger together” and tagged Asghari in the post. Per an article by the Sun, the couple is seen together on numerous occasions and she is even seen wearing a ring on her finger, which suggests that they “might be engaged.”

Spears also shared a dance workout video in April, which received more than 7.4 million views and 23,000 comments. Her fans were completely mesmerized with her flexible dance moves and amazing body.

She also shared another workout video the same month, where she is seen wearing skimpy white shorts and a blue sports bra that showed ample cleavage. In the video, she is again seen wearing a full face of makeup, along with a very sexy dangling bellybutton jewelry.

In the caption, she wrote that she is switching up her workout routine to get ready for her “Piece of Me” tour. The video received 6.8 million views and 24,000 comments.

Per usual, a lot of fans requested Spears to share her diet regimen with them, while others simply admired her amazing body.

“The ultimate fitness goals,” they wrote.

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