Kate Upton Breaks A Sweat In The Gym Daily, But Her Pregnancy Food Cravings Compel Her To Eat All The Time

Gorgeous Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton is pregnant, but that doesn’t stop the 26-year-old from breaking a sweat in the gym every day. And despite the fact that she is trying hard to stay healthy and in shape during her pregnancy, she shared some pregnancy-related realities in her recent Instagram story.

She posted a funny picture of a squirrel whose stomach is swollen because of overeating. The image has a text saying “me thinking about my next meal after I just ate.”

Upton used the hashtag #pregnancyrealness to describe the situation. Through the picture, the model implied that no amount of food is enough because she feels hungry all the time because of her pregnancy.

However, the model is making all the efforts that she can to stay fit and hits the gym regularly. According to an article by E! News, the model is taking help from her personal trainer, Ben Bruno, who has a special pregnancy exercise plan for Upton.

He told E! News that Kate doesn’t have the same level of energy every day because of her pregnancy, so it is essential for her to listen to her body.

“Kate is still exercising. It’s a toned back version of what we were doing,” Bruno mentioned.

He said that alongside a good workout schedule, eating healthy is also very important during pregnancy, and revealed that Kate doesn’t follow any strict regimen when it comes to food. E! News quoted Bruno as saying the following:

“She has been eating how she feels.”

Kate Upton also shared a video of her workout on Instagram last month, where she is seen performing lunges while holding a kettlebell in each hand. The exercise seemed to be quite hard and her trainer praised her for her stamina and motivation.

“It seems really hard so I’ll probably pass, but it’s great to see her [Kate] continuing to work hard,” Bruno wrote in the Instagram post.

Upton broke the news of her pregnancy in July this year via an Instagram post which left all of her fans and followers surprised. Replying to Upton’s Instagram post, her husband Justin Verlander – an Astros starting pitcher – took to his own Instagram and posted a message for her. Per Houstonia Mag, he wrote the following heartwarming message for his beloved wife.

“You’re going to be the most amazing Mom!! I can’t wait to start this new journey with you! You’re the most thoughtful, loving, caring, and strong woman I’ve ever met! I’m so proud that our little one is going to be raised in this world by a woman like you! I love you so much.”

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