Meghan Markle Took A Page From Kate Middleton’s Playbook Before Baby Announcement

Meghan Markle gave a strong clue about her pregnancy three weeks ago, and in doing so, she followed in her sister-in-law Kate Middleton’s footsteps.

An eagle-eyed royal family watcher at Marie Claire noticed that Kate Middleton used a significant hairstyle change to draw attention away from her midsection before she announced her pregnancy with each of her three children, the Duchess of Cambridge dominated headlines because of a hairstyle change.

Incidentally, three weeks ago at the Coach Core Awards at Loughborough University, Markle appeared with her husband, Prince Harry. At the event, royal family fans noticed that the Duchess of Sussex had her hair wholly straightened, which is a style she’s not worn since before her royal wedding day.

At the time, some people speculated about baby news, but the focus was on her hairdo that day because before that day she’s worn messy buns or loose waves. Looking back, though, it appears to have been a major clue. To keep the public from focusing on her mid-section, which she artfully hid with a peplum style top that had a unique asymmetrical hem, Markle did something different with her hair.

As for Middleton, before announcing the good news that she was carrying the future ruler of England, she stepped out with an unexpected hairstyle change — bangs! Before she heralded the good news of her pregnancy with Princess Charlotte, Middleton went in public showing her roots, which received plenty of notice. Then, before her third pregnancy revelation, the Duchess of Cambridge chopped off much of her hair’s length causing a splash.

The royal family, as do many others, likes to wait until the first trimester passes before announcing any type of baby news just to be safe. These hairstyle red herrings help do just that. Or, perhaps, the expecting royal mothers simply like to change up their hair during their early pregnancies. However, the fact that there are now four instances makes it seem more intentional.

Earlier today, the Inquistr reported about the style that Markle used to disguise her happy news during the last several weeks as her baby bump began to become noticeable. In addition to her late September peplum top three weeks ago, the 37-year-old mother-to-be also used large coats to help keep the details under wraps. This morning, before Kensington Palace announced the news, Markle even used a large file to cover her midsection.

Although Markle wore a coat style dress to conceal her bump at Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding last Friday, the Inquisitr reported that she shared the news with family members at the event, and the bride wasn’t thrilled.

Currently, both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are on a 17-day trip abroad, and their first stop is Sydney, Australia.

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