Meghan Markle Baby Bump Photos From Princess Eugenie’s Wedding

Meghan Markle announced on Monday, via her press corps at Kensington Palace, that she’s pregnant. What’s more, she’s had the royal bun in the royal oven for about three months now, so by some accounts, she should be starting to show.

And in fact, she may be. If there’s one thing internet sleuths love doing, it’s poring over every pixel of every photograph of a celebrity woman of childbearing age and looking for signs of pregnancy. Fortunately for royal family watchers, there were plenty of opportunities for the duchess to be photographed as she, of course, attended the royal wedding of Princess Eugenie, who is her husband Harry’s first cousin.

Here, now are some of the pictures of what might possibly be Meghan Markle’s baby bump snapped at Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding.

This purple coat that Meghan wore to the wedding is actually seen by some observers as evidence that she was trying to hide her baby bump, although whether or not it succeeded is up for debate. Nevertheless, you can see why Meghan would have wanted to conceal her baby bump. After all, it was Eugenie’s big day, not Meghan’s, and to show up with an obvious bulge in her abdomen (without having announced her pregnancy prior) would have been untoward indeed.

Nevertheless, the garment she’s wearing does seem to fluff out towards the bottom, perhaps concealing an expanding abdomen underneath. Or it could just be the way it was hanging on Meghan’s body when the photographer snapped the picture.

In the next photo, the expansion outward of Meghan’s coat is a little more pronounced. You’ll also notice that she didn’t button the bottom few buttons of her coat. Of course, two points need to be made. First, as mentioned above, it could have just been the way the garment was hanging at the moment the shutter snapped (it was a windy day in London last Friday). And second, not buttoning the bottom few buttons may just be how that dress was meant to be worn.

In fact, every woman is different and every pregnancy is different. Not all women will be showing by as early in their pregnancies as Meghan is.

According to Baby Center, a woman in her first pregnancy will generally start to “show” by about 12 to 16 weeks. Since Meghan’s been pregnant for about three months, she’s just at the beginning of the window of when her pregnancy will start to be obvious. And of course, she’s not going to show us her bare abdomen so we can see it more clearly.

Look for Meghan and Harry’s baby to arrive around April or May 2019.

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