Jenelle Evans Is Upset About ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9 After MTV Tightens The Reigns

Jenelle Evans complained on Instagram last week about the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 being “boring” and now, fans are learning new details about what led up to her strange message.

On October 13, The Ashley’s Reality Roundup told readers that the mother of three is likely frustrated with filming because MTV has finally put a stop to her many demands.

“MTV is taking no crap from Jenelle this season,” their source explained. “They have finally laid down the law and are enforcing all of the terms of Jenelle’s contract. They basically told her they don’t care what she’s filming, but she needs to film.”

Days ago, Evans posted a message on her Instagram story in which she slammed production for filming her having “boring” lunches and hardly even speaking. She then said the problem was “not me” and told her audience she was nothing more than a “prop in the background” when it came to Season 9.

According to the report, Evans’ production team used to work around her tantrums but during Season 9, they’re sticking to their guns and not allowing her to railroad their plans for the season. As the insider explained, Evans often wasted her production team’s time and made a habit of going over her budget for each season. Now, no excuses are allowed and Evans is “pissed” about it.

Evans is also said to be upset that her husband David Eason hasn’t been brought back to Teen Mom 2 after MTV chose to fire him in February. In addition, the outlet explained, Evans isn’t happy that there are only a few people she can film with since her husband is no longer allowed to be around during production.

“She has little to no parts of her life that David isn’t involved in so it’s very hard for everyone to figure out what to film,” the source added. “She basically has one or two random ‘friends’ and [her mother] Barbara to film scenes with now.”

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup went on to say that Jenelle Evans’ crew informed her they would not hesitate to get their lawyers involved if she failed to film when she’s scheduled, or if she failed to do anything else she is contractually obligated to do.

“The producers have made it clear to everyone that if you step out of line too often, you’re done. It has been such a relief to the crew,” the insider said.

Teen Mom 2 Season 9 is expected to air on MTV sometime later this year or early next year.

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