Chelsea Clinton Kills Conservative Author With Kindness After She Accuses Chelsea Of Getting Plastic Surgery

Chelsea Clinton may know a thing or two about going high when others go low.

The former first daughter was attacked by conservative author Janie Johnson on Twitter, who accused Chelsea of getting plastic surgery to “fix her chin.” Clinton took the criticism in stride in a Twitter post, offering a lesson in being the bigger person.

Johnson’s tweet had quoted another user, who claimed that Chelsea had said that she was “more beautiful & educated than Ivanka Trump.” Though the quote was a fake, Johnson was incredulous at the idea of Chelsea of comparing herself to Donald Trump’s eldest daughter.

“Liberal boasting? Who’d thunk it?” Johnson responded. “[Chelsea Clinton] did have an awesome surgeon fix her chin tis true.”

Chelsea, who had been friends with Ivanka Trump in real life and has never publicly criticized the president’s daughter, pointed out that the quote was fake.

“Hi Janie – 1) Never said that, which I imagine you know. 2) Since I was 11, people in public have said they think I’m ugly. I would never comment on relative beauty. It’s gross. 3) My chin is the one I was born with, just 38 years later. 4) Hope you & yours have a beautiful day.”

As Chelsea Clinton pointed out, she has often been a target for criticism for her looks, dating back to her time as an adolescent in the White House. The attacks have continued now that Clinton is an adult, with many taking aim at her on Twitter.

Clinton often responds to her trolls, generally with kindness. After one person said that she looked like a donkey, Clinton responded on Twitter by saying that “donkeys are known for their independence, intelligence & persistence and horses for their speed, perceptiveness & memory. I’m flattered by the compliment, thank you!”

While she may not be following her parents’ footsteps into politics, Chelsea Clinton has remained in the public eye. She recently published an anti-bullying children’s book called Start Now!: You Can Make a Difference.

Chelsea told People that she always found books empowering when she was a child, and that she wants to help to empower kids today. Clinton, who has now written four children’s books, said that she is turn inspired when she talks to young activists — and can see their passion.

“I am incredibly hopeful because as you listen to [young activists] and you understand their work, you can’t be anything but hopeful,” Chelsea Clinton told People. “That doesn’t mean that there aren’t real challenges. I’m just inspired by how many young people are unwilling to accept the status quo.”

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