Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson Rumored To Be Back Together After Royal Wedding

After Princess Eugenie’s wedding, royal watchers are suggesting that Prince Andrew and former wife Sarah Ferguson are back together again. Despite their divorce, Prince Andrew and Fergie have maintained a friendly relationship. Based on recent photos and television coverage, however, many people are guessing that they are once again a couple.

Radar Online says that a body language expert revealed that the couple seemed to be trying not to talk to each other, despite smiling and staying in close contact.

Expert Judi James said that the two seem fond of each other, elaborating further on their unspoken dialogue.

“Andrew has been seen looking quite smitten with his ex-wife during earlier outings but he seemed intent on walking past her in the chapel without a glance or a nod… The pair did line up on the steps together as Jack and Eugenie drove off but while Andrew stood next to Jack’s mother Fergie clung to his father’s arm in a gesture of affection and mutual support.”

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson married in 1986 and divorced in 1996, but have maintained a cordial and professional relationship — often attending royal gatherings together with their daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

Twitter lit up with royal watchers pondering the state of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s current relationship.

On the whole, fans seem to think that the two are a couple again.

“Andrew and Fergie defo back together though,” one Twitter user commented, per Radar Online.

Another Twitter user asked if she was the only one who thought that the Yorks were back together again.

“Does anyone else think that Andrew and Fergie are secretly back together? #RoyalWedding #RoyalFamily”

The Daily Mail said that the official wedding photos looked like a family portrait — with Prince Andrew posed next to Fergie, who herself was directly behind Prince Philip. For years, the husband of the queen has held a grudge against Ferguson, but all seemed to have gone smoothly for the royal wedding.

Prince Andrew and his ex-wife have either lived together — or in close proximity — for years, and in the days before the royal wedding, Ferguson and her two daughters stayed as guests of Queen Elizabeth for a few days.

When Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie were younger, Prince Andrew said that it made things easier for the girls for all of them to live together. Now that their daughters have moved out, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson still live under the same roof.

It’s unclear if the Duke and Duchess of York have ever thought of getting remarried, but regardless, they do seem to continually enjoy parenting together at the very least.

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