Twitter’s Vine App Gets 17+ Rating

Twitter’s Vine app for iOS users has received a new rating classification. Version 1.0.5 of the newly released video sharing app has been reclassified from 12+ to 17+ only.

Vine came under fire almost immediately after it was released when users began to discover a lot of porn related shares on the network. While most of that discovered adult content was related to searches for #porn, #nsfw, and other adult related terms, the networks own editor also accidentally added adult material to Vine’s “Editor’s Pick” section. The editor mistake led to an adult clip being displayed for all users at the top of the apps display.

Vine’s accidental promotion of porn led to Apple removing the program from a promoted spot within the App Store.

With the new update users can now report and block profiles that are spreading porn throughout the system. Reporting adult videos on the Vine platform is done through a new button found within the app. That button also allows users to share Vine videos via Facebook and Twitter.

The Vine app update to version 1.0.5 also fixes several bugs. Among Vine bug fixes is the removal of an occasional black screen and fixes to stop failed uploads when trying to create videos on certain mobile devices.

Vine is free to download for iOS users through the Apple App store.

Do you think Vine deserves its 17+ classification based on the distribution of adult content on the social video sharing platform?

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