Demi Rose Dons Bikini Top With A Revealing Cut-Out As She Takes Her Dog On A Walk

Demi Rose took to the streets in a chic yet revealing outfit in Ibiza. The model sported a tan visor and a neon-yellow bikini top. The top was off-the-shoulder, with a sporty look — and had a half-circle cutout in the center at the bosom, giving the look a bit of a sultry edge. The British model also wore a matching bottom, but it was mostly obscured by a blue, flowy cover-up that she tied around her waist. Rose finished off the ensemble with a pair of bright turquoise boots, which offered a nice color contrast set against the rest of her outfit.

Also in the photo is her dog, which is probably called Teddy. It’s a really cute and small brown dog with curly hair, like a poodle. Adorably, the pup is looking right at the camera when the photo was taken.

There were rumors that Demi was planning to move to the United States with her DJ boyfriend — but it’s unclear whether she will be making the move or not. For now, she’s in Ibiza, where the weather appears to be super pleasant currently. The notion of the potential move would see Rose pursuing her acting career in Los Angeles, also allowing her to expand her fan base — many of whom falsely believe that she’s American anyway.

And for those fans who were wondering how to date someone like Demi, she gave prospective suitors some good pointers, detailed the Birmingham Mail.

“And, FYI, as a girl I’ve always hated being approached by guys trying to get my number. I’ve never given it away and always felt really intimidated… I like things to happen naturally.”

It’s also worth noting that Rose already has a boyfriend, so this isn’t particularly personalized advice for those harboring a crush. Rather, she hoped that her words would help others as they try to find their next partner. She elaborated further, underscoring the importance of not focusing solely on looks to score the first conversation.

“Naturally as in the right environment, not coming across too strong and letting me lead almost rather than it being pushed all upon me. I don’t want to get told about how I look, I’ll get the hint that they think that’s all I have to offer. Best relationships start as friends.”

The model ended her philosophical relationship advice with best wishes for her followers.

“Just giving you some tips here guys! Hopefully I can make the world a better place for ladies and for you.”

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