‘Shameless’ Spoilers: Fans React To Noel Fisher & Cameron Monaghan End Game

While the next episode of Shameless Season 9 doesn’t air until tonight on cable — episodes are available early online — the cat is pretty much out of the bag at this point.

Warning: The rest of this article does contain spoilers from tonight’s episode.

As the Inquisitr reported a few days ago, Shameless and Gallavich fans started to go a little wild when Noel Fisher’s name appeared on the cast list for Season 9, Episode 6 titled, “Face It, You’re Gorgeous.” In Facebook fan groups and on Twitter, a few different theories emerged:

  • The cast list was wrong, and everyone was getting their hopes up for nothing.
  • Noel Fisher would be in the episode, but it would be a dream or a flashback.
  • This was Cameron Monaghan’s last episode, and the writers decided to give fans the end game they wanted.

IMDb, where the cast list including Noel’s name first appeared, does have a history of providing incorrect information from time to time. Cast lists, however, are not something that anyone can add information to. In fact, any changes or additions submitted to the website are screened and fact-checked before they are published. So, it was unlikely Noel’s name on the cast list was inaccurate.

By this point, anyone watching the episode knows this is Cameron’s final run with the series as he broke the news earlier this week on Instagram. Ian (Cameron’s character) plead guilty by reason of insanity to all of his Gay Jesus stunts, but he was still sentenced to two years in prison. So, part of this episode was just about Ian spending his last day with his family.

Fans sat on the edge of their seats chomping down on their fingers through the entire episode. Where was Noel? When was Mickey going to swoop in and give Ian one final kiss? Was the cast list information on IMDb false?

At the very end of the episode, Ian walks through the prison to his cell. He goes into the cell and the door shuts. The episode is coming to a close and fans are starting to lose hope. It was in that moment that the door to Ian’s prison cell opened again and everyone’s hearts stopped as he turned around and saw none other than Mickey Milkovich standing there.

Mickey explained he rolled on the cartel he was working for and, in exchange, they let him pick where he got locked up. Given how public the Gay Jesus venture was, Mickey would have had no trouble following the details and learning where Ian got locked up.

“Oh hey,” Mickey’s character said as he started to walk toward the bed. “I got bottom, so you’re on top.”

At this point in the episode, Gallavich fans were gushing with excitement as Ian rushed over to Mickey, got on top of him, and caressed his face before the two engaged in the passionate kiss, one which Shameless fans everywhere have been waiting for.

As those with a Showtime subscription know, the network drops the latest episode of the series on the streaming service on midnight the day it airs. So, those with the subscription can see the episode before it airs on television. It didn’t take long after the episode was uploaded for fans to light up Twitter as they reacted to the Ian and Mickey end game everyone longed for.

While fans were devastated by the loss of Cameron from the cast list, it seems as if everyone felt the writers and producers did the character’s exit justice.

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