‘Big Brother 19’ Stars Elena Davies And Mark Jansen Hint At Their Engagement

It looks like another engagement has come out of the Big Brother house, putting The Bachelor and Bachelorette on their toes regarding success stories. Over the weekend, news began spreading on Twitter and Instagram that Big Brother Season 19 couple Elena Davies and Mark Jansen became engaged while attending a wedding event for friends and BB19 co-stars Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson.

The rumors began in the comment section of one of Elena’s Instagram posts where she described attending a shower for Jessica. In the caption, Elena somewhat hinted at the fact that something went down at Jessica’s shower that she wasn’t expecting. Later, in the comments, Jessica confirmed what a few people were expecting.

“Thought it was a regggular shower so I showed up in my matching pajama set. S***. I love you with my whole heart, @thejessicagraf,” Elena captioned the photo.

“I love you too and congratulations on you [sic] engagement! love you both,” Jessica commented back with two red-heart emojis.

Speculation about Mark and Elena’s engagement only progressed when the muscle man himself chimed in on the fun in the comment section.

“Baby i thought we were gonna wait till after the wedding to announce it,” he commented.

The wedding Mark mentioned would be the upcoming nuptials of Jessica and Cody, who are set to wed shortly since announcing the news of their pregnancy. Mark also responded to Jessica’s congratulatory comment by thanking her in the comment section for her well-wishes.

These few comments in Elena’s Instagram post are the only rumblings about the pairs possible engagement, as the couple has not publicly addressed the rumors. Elena is sporting what appears to be a diamond ring in the photo with Jessica, which is featured on her left ring finger. The two ladies are laughing together as Elena flaunted her hand over Jessica’s knee.

Some Big Brother fans are suggesting that the pair isn’t engaged, and this was just a way to troll the trolls. However, others familiar with the show are slamming Mark and Elena for choosing a poor venue to get engaged, claiming they were trying to take away the spotlight from Jessica and Cody during their celebratory weekend.

“You realize this is planted to get people talking so they stay relevant, right? Lol,” one user commented on the photo.

“Way to steal their thunder,” another added.

For now, there is no official confirmation or denial of Mark and Elena’s engagement and fans are eagerly awaiting the news from the couple.

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